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It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love, every song you hear seems to say, Happy St. Patrick’s Day…

Ok so that’s not how the song goes, BUT you can’t deny that there’s a little something in the air during St. Patrick’s Day season!  Last year it was literally when the world came to a screeching halt, and though we’re getting close to normal-ish, we’re still not there yet.  I am firmly Team Keep My Ass At Home Until I’m Vaccinated, so I will be spending this year’s Irish high holy day on my couch.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be celebrating!  If you’re homebound as well, I have a few ideas to celebrate while staying safe, read on..

Make A Shamrock Shake

I’ll never understand why people flip their lids for this seasonal McDonald’s offering, but to each her own!  This year make your own version.  May I suggest Capo’s Mint Stracciatella as a base?  And no harm in adding a little booze…

Irish Whiskey Tasting

The beauty of drinking at home?  Don’t have to coordinate Uber rides or worry about a designated driver.  Take advantage and imbibe in a couple tipples of whiskeys!  I suggest trying at least three so you can take note of differences, and you can’t go wrong with local distillers GrandTen, Boston Harbor, and Bully Boy.

Kerry Gold Butter

Put Kerry Gold Butter on everything, self-explanatory.

Watch Derry Girls

If I had a nickel for every time I told someone to watch Derry Girls I wouldn’t need that stupid leprechaun’s pot of gold, or his lucky charms.  Anyhoo, watch Derry Girls, it’s fantastic.  I recommend turning the captions on, and munching on at least some Irish cheddar, if not a whole cheeseboard.

Wearing O The Green

In years past we’ve donned our finest green business caz and headed into the office.  You may be working from home now, but you can still get pinched!  Make sure you throw on your finest green sweats.

An Irish Blessing

Are you too blessed to be stressed?  Or too stressed to be blessed?  Either way, why not start your St. Patrick’s Day with a traditional Irish Blessing!  For balance I suggest following up with a Gaelic curse for your enemies.  May I suggest, go ndéana an diabhal dréimire do chnámh do dhroma?  Translated that’s, “that the devil will make a ladder out of your spine”.

Skip The Corned Beef

I know, I know, this is practically sacrilege, but I say skip the corned beef.  Corned beef gets all the hype, but there are so many other options for Irish dishes, and they taste, and smell better!  Check out this list of non corned beef Irish recipes.

But If You Insist…

There is only one option for corned beef and cabbage takeout, The Seapoint!

However you celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate responsibly and tag your posts with #CaughtInSouthie so we can see!  Sláinte!

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