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Hey, it wasn’t even a snow emergency!

There seems to be a new trend on the rise in Southie; public shaming of residents using unneccessry spot savers.  Numerous pictures circulated on social media of unwarranted spot savers in use and people were outraged referring to the guilty parties as anything from an a***hole to bad neighbors.  Even Mayor Marty Walsh and the City of Boston stated space savers should not be in use.  They should only be in use if a snow emergency has been declared.  There hasn’t been one declared to date this year. So why are people ignoring “the rules” and using them anyway?  Well, they are trying to get one over on the neighborhood.  In other words, they are bad neighbors.

Here’s a refresher on our Unofficial Rules for Parking During a Snowstorm – https://caughtinsouthie.com/tips/unofficial-rules.  We witnessed lots of “rule” violations like preemptive spot saving before the first snowflake fell and not shoveling at all and using a spot saver. (Brushing off your car and driving over a few inches of snow is not shoveling.) 

So what do we do?  Well, one thing you can do is move the spot saver.  You can also use the 311 app and report it if you are afraid of moving a spot.  Or you can publicly shame.  The choice is yours.  

Just remember – be a good neighbor – we are all in this together.  

Special thanks to Nicole Raukohl

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