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4 BLA students stranded

So this happened today.  The designated #10 MBTA bus that takes the students of Boston Latin Academy to school from South Boston decided to go old school and take the East Fourth Street route leaving four students high and dry for a ride.  What motivated this bus driver to suddenly skip the route on East Broadway between the streets of P and L and take East Fourth Street is unclear. We may never know the reason.   Luckily the kids were T savvy enough to navigate the system and get to school not on time but a little late.  

We realize this doesn’t seem like a big deal to most.  “So what?  The bus didn’t pick up some students.  Big deal.”  But it is a big deal.  There are two buses in the morning that should never be late, never not show up or never skip stops.  Those two buses are the #9 that take the kids to Boston Latin School and the #10 to BLA.  But at least once a month, there is typical T nonsense and kids are left to rely on getting to school themselves or having a parent drive them – which is not at all conducive 

Said one 7th grader who missed, “We saw in on East Fourth from the top of M and we tried to run after it to catch it but we missed it.”  

Get your act together, MBTA!  

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  1. Josh December 22, 2015 at 1:18 am

    Last year the special #9 route just skip the South End stops every Friday for the first two months of school. Took about a dozen calls to MBTA to get it resolved.

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