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Things aren’t like they used to be. When your friends ask if you want to meet up at the bar, you can’t assume that it’s the local pub that smells like sweat and frying oil. In fact, maybe your friends are actually talking about the new bar around the corner that smells like sandalwood and green tea…

In 2020 a weekend getaway to Vermont inspired Megan Schuler and Eric Kaweesi to bring that northern nature back to Boston for everyone to experience in the form of scents. They certainly didn’t expect their kitchen turning into a 24/7 candle making factory to be what they took away from their vacation, but nevertheless, Lifebloom Candles was born.

After a year of learning, researching, and testing ways to make candles, they launched their first scent, Cleansing Bundles, which has notes of white sage and lavender. Each of their candles tells a different story and to them, this was familiar and safe.

Since then, a few things have changed. Kaweesi and Schuler are now full-time Lifebloomers and have six team members. But most notably, they have gone from making candles on their apartment’s two-burner stovetop to opening up two retail experience locations, the most recent being in South Boston.

“For us, candles are so much more than just the ingredients or the way it looks or feels,” Schuler said. “Now with the candle bar in South Boston, we are able to bring people together to enjoy the art of candle making itself.”

The Lifebloom mission has a lot of components, a few being connection, clean ingredients and creating that perfect candle – which is something they are continuously striving for.

“We wanted to formulate candles that we felt good putting out to this world and to the people we really care about, but also to who would eventually be many trusting strangers, our customers,” Schuler said.

Have you ever walked into a candle store and immediately experienced a pounding headache? They are trying their best to avoid that by prioritizing 100% clean, high-quality ingredients that aren’t toxic to your health or the environment.

Whether you are just stopping in or you booked a private event with your friends, at the Candle Bar you will be able to create your own custom scent from 15 different options, choose the vessel for it to go in, choose the toppings and create the name and label of your one of a kind creation!

And if you find yourself Downtown instead of in Southie, pop into the Boston Public Market and visit the Lifebloom Candle Bar booth! Both locations provide hands-on expertise, feedback and information on how to take care of your candle. (Yes, candle care is just as important as self-care!)

So, next time you are walking down West Broadway, be sure to stop and smell the roses. Literally – stop into the shop at 423 W Broadway, Unit 403A from 9:00-5:00. Note that candle shop and candle bar hours differ. For more information, check out their website.

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