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The quest for dogs

With the unseasonably  warm temperatures this weekend, two local Southie kids Peter (8) and Henry (7) jumped on their scooters and headed out to Castle Island in search of dogs.  It was their mission to find out each and every breed of dog and name of dog they encountered. 

In gathering their data, they came across an amazing amount of dogs and very friendly owners. 

Here are the dogs get met in exactly one hour:
Bruin – Bull Mastive
Natalia – Husky
Griffin – Fox Terrier
Scooter – Labrador
Cole and Max  – Labradoodles
Mimi, Missy and Fergus – Yorkies
Randy – Hunting Dog
Trixie – Boston Terrier
Max – Pug
Nellie – Labradoodle
Sofie – English Bulldog
Colleen and Daisy- Australian Sheepdogs
Nellie – Shitzu
Ronan – Manchester Terrier
Harry – Cavalier King Charles
Fred – Bernese Mountain Dog
Boston – Dachshund

Teddy Kennedy – Poodle

And one gray cat – name unknown.

So it appears that Southie is the hip and happening spot for man’s best friend.

Long gone are the days of old school Southie dogs.  What’s an old school Southie dog? Find out: https://caughtinsouthie.com/feature/old-school-dogs



  1. Susan November 29, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Brewster the black Lab was also lucky enough to meet those cuties on their scooters!

  2. Susan December 1, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    Mr. Brewster, the Black Lab, also got to meet and greet (with wagging tail) Peter and Henry on that lovely Sunday afternoon out at Castle Island. 

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