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Street smart instincts help apprehend a would be bag snatcher

The 6 blocks along West Broadway to Dorchester Street from Motivated Fitness to the Heights at Thomas Park, is the normal route personal trainer Sean Regan (who is a doppelganger for Leo DiCaprio) takes his clients for a workout.  But yesterday was not a normal day.  While he escorted his female client to Thomas Park on bike while she was on foot, a young white male in his 20’s came running passed Sean very quickly.

“You normally don’t see a man that age running as fast as he can unless he’s up to no good,” said Sean.  A minute later woman was calling for help.  She said that her adult daughter was coming out of Julie’s Family Learning Program at the corner of Dorchester Street and West Fourth Street when a man pushed her to the ground and stole her pocketbook. 

Sean sprang into action and chased the suspect on his bike.  He cornered the suspect who in turn pulled a knife on Sean.  “The guy had a car waiting for him up the street,” said Sean.  Sean did his best to keep the suspect out of the car but the suspect did manage to get into the car.  Sean memorized the license plate and the police shortly arrived.  Within 5 minutes, the police found the car and the two suspects were in custody.  Sean positively identified the purse snatcher and the police arrested the suspect. 

If it weren’t for Sean’s street smarts and selfless bravery, the suspect would have gotten away with it.  Thank you Sean for being our neighbor and a good citizen.  We are proud to call you one of our own!

If you would like to learn more about personal training with Sean, contact Motivated Fitness, he’ll whip you into the best shape of you life! 617-269-5555