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Websters Dictionary defines “cheugy” as…JK Webster’s Dictionary is not wasting its perfectly
good time defining “cheugy”. If you have any interactions with the TikTok generation, you may
have heard the word “cheugy” and didn’t ask what it meant because you were embarrassed
and didn’t want to appear old and uncool, even though you most certainly are old and uncool.

Not to me! To the kiddos on TikTok maybe, but I think you’re a youthful deity with the skin of a
toddler. Ok, back to the task at hand; I’m here to help. That’s right you’ve got the oldest
millennial in the world here to walk you through “cheugy”.

Cheugy is basically the opposite of being on trend or an early adaptor. Cheugy is trying a little
too hard and being a day late and a dollar short. Cheugy is not quite basic, cheesy, or lame, but
all the while being a little basic, cheesy, and lame..and also not as negative as basic, cheesy, or
lame. Makes perfect sense, right? Everyone is a little cheugy, and that’s ok!

After weeks of research, both online and in the field, scientific method-ing, and focus groups I
am ready to unveil my findings. Southie is hella cheugy, and here’s why…

Age Demographic

Cheugy is most often associated with millennials (though any and every age can be cheugy) and
guess what Southie has a ton of? Did you guess bunny rabbits? Ok you are technically not
wrong but the answer I was looking for is millennials. By some estimates the population of
Southie is as much as 40% millennial, that’s a lot! The pure number of millennials living in
South Boston makes us inherently cheugy.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Celebrating your culture and heritage is not cheugy but throwing on a Guinness Cat in the Hat
hat or a Shake Your Shamrocks t-shirt sure as hell is.

Saturdays Are For The Boys/Sunday Funday

I feel like this is self-explanatory. But! Just in case this one ruffles some feather, take it up with
the young cool kids who told me this on TikTok.

Waiting In Line

Southie was only open for about 5 minutes before there were 50 person lines up and down Big
and Little Broadway (guys that’s what people used to call West Broadway and East Broadway).
Now I know a lot of those people waiting in line do not even live in Southie, but cheugy is
drawn to Southie like a moth to a flame.

M St. Beach

A parcel of land cannot, itself, be cheugy, but when that land is catnip to cheugs? It’s cheugy,
baby. Hence M St. Beach. Guys in tank tops, a Lilly Pulitzer Jeep, straw cowboy hats, glitter
lettered tumblers full of Tito’s; save some cheug for the rest of us you guys!

The Loco Sign

I’m sure I’m going to get a little heat for this, but stick with me. Message sandwich boards (and
message t’s for that matter) are intrinsically cheugy, especially the punny wordplay variety. I
don’t make the rules! BUT, since we all love the Loco sign let this be the evidence you need to
know that cheugy isn’t an insult! My blood type is Coco (Loco’s coconut margarita) and my
religion is Carne Asada tacos, so you know it’s not personal, it’s just cheugy.


That’s right, it is I, your stereotypical Cheugy millennial*. I am a product of the streets of South
Boston and I am cheugy. I own no less than 5 denim jackets. I love rosé and flavored iced
coffee. I wear skinny jeans at least twice a week. I call Wegman’s “Weggies”. I have a J. Crew
t-shirt that says, “Girls Just Want To Have Sun”. I mean I have a hat wall for Christ sake, I am
one cheugy cheug. And you know what? That’s ok, great even! Cheugy isn’t bad! Cheugy is
fun. Cheugy is “dance like nobody is watching” energy and you know what that would make
one hell of a cheugy home décor sign.

Go forth this summer and indulge your inner cheug. Say “yes way rosé’. Buy your crusty white
dog a White Claw squeak toy! Take a Wicked themed spin class and then settle in for a Friends
marathon. And if you ever feel insecure because of your cheuginess remember, it’s a better
than being basic.

*I am 41 years old and depending on what media outlet you read the millennial generation
either starts in 1980 or 1981 and for whatever weird reason I would rather be the oldest
millennial than the youngest Gen X-er. Thank you for respecting my privacy at this time.

Image via The Southie Line Girls on Instagram – give them a follow! 

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