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Hey Bruins fans! In order to beat your opponent, you need to understand them.  

Here is helpful guide to Canadian Slang.  (Southie slang is still way better!)

Right out the gate the term “canuck” is slang for Canadian.  For Vancouver Canucks fans they are referred to as “Canuckle Heads” – a term of endearment.

Eh – Usually added at the end of a sentence or a phrase (That’s an interesting sight, eh?)

In Canada ATM are called ABM – Automated Bank Machines (really?)

A “hoser” is a derogatory term in Canadian hockey.  The origins stems from the game of hockey, before the invention of the zamboni, the losing team would have to hose down the ice. Thus creating the term “hoser.”  As in “Take off, you hoser!”

Double-double – A cup of coffee from Tim Horton’s with two creams and two sugars.  In Southie we often hear the coffee order of “Large Snickerdoodle light with 5 sugars.”

Loonie – Canadian One Dollar (CAD$1) or the Canadian Dollar coin. It came from having the loon on the back of the coin. Toonie – Canadian Two Dollar coin (CAD$2) or two Canadian dollar.  We say buck, sawbuck, double sawbuck, and fin.

Pop – Soft drink or soda pop.  We say tonic.

We say A to Z.  They say A to Zed  (the letter Z – that’s just silly.)

We call a Band-aid a band-aid.  They call it a plaster

We say sneakers.  They say runners.  We call runners those who run for alcohol for underage drinkers. 

We say parking lot or garage.  They say parkade (which sounds like something fun – like a mix between amusement park and arcade.)

Go Bruins!  Kick the Canucks ass, eh! Those hosers!