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June 2010

Shine Lafferty is a stand-up guy and proud Southie family man. He’s the guy you want as your neighbor. He would shovel out your car just because and he would ring your bell and remind you that it’s street cleaning day so you don’t get towed. He always has a smile and warm hello for you.  What makes Shine stand out from the crowd is his level of commitment to the youth of South Boston.  As a coach for numerous sports in Southie, Shine is a role model to kids from West Fourth Street to P Street. He is a shining example of who a dad should be.

Shine grew up in the D Street Housing Development the 10th of eleven children.  His mother Betty raised her children well and Shine’s family is still extremely close.  Shine is especially close to his younger brother Rich who has Down Syndrome.  It was Rich who affectionately gave Shine his name.  Shine’s name on his birth certificate is actually Eugene.  But when Rich was small he pronounced his name “Shoesheen”.  Family and friends began calling Eugene  – Shoeshine and then shorted his nickname to just Shine – a nickname that suits Shine’s personality.

The love and kindness by which he was raised, is reflected in his relationship with his wife and two children. Shine is married to Kathy Ahern.  They met 21 years ago, when Shine’s sister who worked with Kathy at Camp Joy introduced them.  They’ve been together ever since.  Shine graduated from South Boston High School and began working as a Boston Public School custodian 20 years ago.  When Kathy went away to college, Shine would visit often – so often that people thought he was a student there too.  Shine and Kathy have two children Cormac – 7 and Mae – 5.  Shine is the custodian at the Murphy School in Dorchester where his children go to school.

To watch Shine with his children is inspiring.  He is a fun and energetic dad who is patient and kind.  He helps coach Cormac’s Little League Team, his Pop Warner Football Team and his Lacrosse Team too.  He is an amazing coach who is knowledgeable and encouraging to his players.  He takes time to get to know his team on and off the field.  He teaches them and motivates them.  And his success is measured by not only their improvement in the game but by the smiles on the players’ faces when they hit the ball or make a great play.  Shine always has a high five or a pat on the back always waiting for his players and kind words for encouragement and praise added for good measure. When your child is on Shine’s team, you know he is in good hands.

Shine’s love and dedication to his hometown of South Boston can be seen at every practice and game he attends.  He is proud to be raising his family here in South Boston as Shine and Kathy both are products of good and strong Southie families.  Shine Lafferty is a super-star coach who is shaping the lives of our children and we are proud to call Shine our neighbor. 


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  1. Art Murray June 2, 2012 at 12:56 pm
    Shine Lafferty is a special guy indeed. The description in the article is right on. Thank you for featuring this special dad and friend

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