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Written by Peter Gailunas

The quest continues


My journey continues in my quest for the ideal boxer’s body.  I’m been going to classes at the Peter Welch Boxing Gym for the past six months and I’m happy to report I’ve lost my love handles and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.  I even got a new look in the hair department.  Cliff at the Luxury Box gave me a close cut – extremely  short.  It makes me look a little more bad-ass.  My hair is now high and tight and as I continue taking my fighter conditioning classes, I’m hoping my abs will follow suit.

So far, I’ve introduced you to Tom Egan and Nick Nelson from Peter Welch’s Gym.  Now I’d like you to get to know Ryan Connolly.

When you meet Ryan Connolly, he seems like an easy-going guy.  But when you take a fighter fitness class with him, he is high-energy and non-stop.  This shirt-drenching workout features quick changes between exercises including jumping rope (I’m getting pretty good at this), push ups, old school squat thrusts, heavy bag work, sprinting, dumb-bell work and my personal favorite – sparring with your partner’s gloves. 

Insider’s tip: Pay attention when your gloves are being hit because you might catch one on the chin.

Ryan’s workout is tough but fun.  The great thing about Ryan is he is constantly changing things up.  Every work out is completely different from the one before – so it keeps you on your toes literally and figuratively.   

If class with Ryan isn’t enough, he’ll meet with you one on one for some personal training. He’ll work with you to improve your swing, your stance and your punches.



The scoop on Ryan

This Southie native was born into to a great Southie family, Ryan is the son of Steve (of the Quencher Tavern fame) and mom Michelle.  He has two sisters Kim and Keryn and he has a beautiful 3 year old Melena with his girlfriend Melinda. 

When he’s not kicking ass at Peter Welch’s Gym, Ryan works at Ruth Chris Steakhouse downtown.  He also serves our country in the Coast Guard Reserves, Port  Security Unit 301 based out of Cape Cod.

Age: 30

  • School: Gate of Heaven, Don Boston, Catholic Memorial and Salve Regina
  • Workout music of choice: 90’s Hip Hop/R&B
  • Boxing Background: Boxed in the St. Paddy’s Day Boxing Matches and The Golden Gloves. 
  • Favorite Restaurant in Southie: Cafe Porto Bello
  • Favorite Junkfood: Cadbury Mini-Eggs

If you are looking for a fast-paced, ever-changing, but fun workout, Ryan Connolly’s Fighter’s Fitness is just the class for you. 

Photography by Deborah McCarthy

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  1. Kristen Orlando November 5, 2011 at 3:06 am

    Hey Ryan,

    So good to see you even if it's on FB…Thank you Keryn for posting!!

    Great to see your doing so well, your lookin' good…not that you never did…LOL

    Would love to meet up with you and Keryn and the old crew from Porto Bello. 

    Wishing you all the best Always,

    Kristen <3



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