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Boy oh boy!

Why not right?  Someone has got to win, so why not us?  Powerball is expected to reach over $535 million in winnings on Saturday night – the 8th largest jackpot in history! We say buy a quick pick for two bucks and fill your head with all the crazy rich money fantasies it can hold.  Maybe it’s fast cars, loose women, parking spots, Southie real estate or lavish trips to exotic places like Hingham or Marblehead.   Whatever your fantasy, it’s fun to dream.  Woo hoo!  Fingers crossed!

What would you do with $535 million?    

Here’s what out Caught in Southie Contributors would do:

Maureen Dahill – Writer/Editor

I would immediately get hair extensions and a spray tan.  I would also buy lots of gold jewelry and speak with a British accent.  After getting in kick-ass shape with a personal trainer, I’d wear tube tops in public.  Oh yeah, and I’d hire a valet to park my car every night.  

Peter Gailunas – Writer

I would build a giant parking garage in Southie. 

Heather Foley – Writer

When I win Powerball (yup, I’m winning, sorry peasants) my first major purchase will be Castle Island.  All of Castle Island.  That stone kangaroo in the playground?  Mine.  The bones of the soldier buried in Fort Independence that inspired The Cask of Amontillado?  Mine.  Sullivan’s?  Obviously mine, and I can’t wait to close it to the public so I never have to suffer through some fool who doesn’t know how to order and/or get out of the way after they order.

Deb McCarthy – Photographer:

After taking a long luxurious vacation – I’d purchase a big piece of land (in a part of this great nation where the weather is generally pleasant) and I’d build an animal sanctuary and devote my life (and Big Joel’s hahaa) to the care and rehoming of abused and unwanted animals (special emphasis on my favorite – the Bulldog). 

Christine Fennelly – Writer:

I would make the owners of 1764 Columbia Road an offer they could not refuse and buy their home. (My favorite house in Southie). I’d endow all the non-profits in South Boston in perpetuity, I’d hire Cesar the Dog Whisperer to train my dumb as a box of rocks Bernese Mountain Dog Dory to get her to understand she is a MOUNTAIN dog and not a LAP DOG and I’d spend the rest on fitness and beauty treatments in a sad, desperate attempt to reclaim my long lost youth. 

Joel Benjamin – Photographer

Well, WHEN I win (not if), I’m going to travel someplace warm each winter, and spend my summers on the cape. In between, I’ll be in my luxury condo in the Seaport area – with a parking space, photographing in my new giant studio. I’ll be donating to some charities too, including the Fenway Community Health Center and the Greenway Conservancy. And oh yes, I believe a trip to Barneys will be included too.

Maired McGonagle – Writer:

I would skip town ASAP and travel the world. No battles on the number 9 bus for me! Then, I’d buy a few houses on Martha’s Vineyard for all my friends & family for the summer, donate a lot, and definitely upgrade my wardrobe, of course.

Keriann Coffey – Writer

I’d probably take a page from Jon Stewart and open a dog sanctuary, and then go on the world’s most extravagant shopping spree (every millionairess needs at least three Birkins).