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June 2011

Paul is a lifelong resident and proud citizen of South Boston and whether he’s installing a ceiling fan in your home or on stage belting out the most popular of cover songs, he is always entertaining to say the least.

Paul grew up in Southie attending Gate of Heaven Grammar School and then on to Don Bosco Technical High School. He is a proud member of Local 103 and has  many large electrical installments under his career belt.  In 2007 –  in true entrepreneurial spirit, he began his company HomeLight.   HomeLight grew out of necessity in the response to the amount of requests he received for smaller scaled jobs. Basically, if the job takes less than a week to complete, HomeLight is the perfect fit.  All of the electricians at HomeLight give individualized and professional service and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured – the trifecta in what you should look for in an electrician. 

On the flip side

On the flip side of Paul’s life, he is the energetic front man of Thomas Park.  If you haven’t seen Thomas Park play, we would have to guess that you might be living under a rock.  Paul has been lead singer for the local cover band since it was created in 1995.  Following in the footsteps of popular bands like Cat Tunes and Second Story, Thomas Park has a huge fan base.  “Thanks so the fact that we have a ton of Southie friends, the band sort of had a large group of followers right away,” says Paul. 

Where does Thomas Park play

Some of the spots they play include Whiskey Priest, The Beachcomber, Florian Hall for their legendary night before Thanksgiving and numerous amounts of Southie “times.”  But when asked about his favorite venue ever played, without hesitation Paul answers, “The Great Southie Reunion.”  This paramount of Southie times took place at the Bank of America Pavilion with over 3000 in attendance back in 2000.  “It was great working on a stage that bands with National appeal normally play on.  Less than 24 hours before we performed, Third Eye Blind was on the same stage,” says Paul.

The scoop on Paul

  • Still lives in Southie – with his beautiful wife Angela and their two children Callie (4) and Brooke (1)
  • Has the ability to generate enthusiasm about anything and everything
  • Favorite spot in Southie – Castle Island.  He has been ordering the same thing at Sully’s for 10 years, “Double Cheesburger all around.  Hot Dog with mustard and relish, small fries and a large Pepsi.”  I love that it only costs me $5.65.  It use to be %5.50 but when up 15 cents because of the price of beef or something.”
  • Favorite song to perform, “Sweet Home South Boston”
  • Has an Advanced Helmsman certificate from the Harry McDonough Sailing Program.
  • Launch operator at South Boston Yacht Club – two shorts on the air horn.

So if you need an electrician Paul Eastman is your man.  He’s extremely charasmatic and professional and we guarantee when he’s installing your doorbell, the visit will not be dull.

Maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll serenade you with “Sweet Home South Boston.” And that is why Paul Eastman is our June character of the month.

To get in touch with HomeLight call Paul at 617-244-2646

For update information on Thomas Park check out their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000117444618

Photography by Deborah McCarthy

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  1. Tim Malley March 6, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    Ever since I can remember growing up in Southie Paul has been entertaining all of us. The first I heard of him putting on a show  was when I was like 16 and the place to be on St Paddy’s Day was Pauls yard for “Kegs and Eggs” He kicks ass on stage in “Town”, usually at Jose Mcintyre’s for me. He always goes all out and I have never seen him go through the motions even once.  He also played at my cousin Kara’s Wedding and Rocked the Seapoint on New Years Eve a few years in a row. If you are from Southie Paul will always make you feel like a VIP at his performances. And The best part of his performances is when he gets : Sweet Home South Boston” going.  

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