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With the Patriots facing the Rams in jolly old England, we thought we’d give you some London-speak terminology to wow your friends with while watching the game on the telly (that’s British for TV):

Bloody – Damn
Cock-up – Screw up
Blimey! – My Goodness
Wanker – Idiot
Sod Off – Piss off
Dodgy – Suspicious
Wonky – Not right
Tenner – $10
Fiver – $5
Pissed – Drunk
Loo – Toilet
Nicked – Stolen
Dog’s Bollocks – Awesome
Bugger – Jerk
Bog Roll – Toilet Paper
Bob’s Your Uncle – There you go!
Throw a Spanner in the Works – Screw up
Absobloodylootely – YES!
Shambles – Mess
Arse-over-tit – Fall over
Brilliant! – Great!
Dog’s Dinner – Dressed Nicely
On the Pull – Looking for sex
See a Man About a Dog – Do a deal or take a dump
Shag – Screw
Gentleman Sausage – Penis
Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist – Don’t Get worked up
I’m Off to Bedfordshire – Going to bed
Her Majesty’s Pleasure – To be in prison
Knob Head – Idiot/Dickhead
Rubbish – Garbage or ‘That’s crap!’

Try and use at least three in a sentence throughout the day.  (Thank you to website http://www.anglotopia.net for helping us with these great phrases).

The Pat’s game kicks off at 1pm on Wembley Stadium on CBS.  Go Pat’s! Looking for suggestions on where to watch the game?  Visit https://caughtinsouthie.com/restaurants-bar/7-places-watch-game

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