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Now and forever

You might have seen the recent press release sent out by the DCR announcing parking changes along Day Boulevard.  If you are anything like us, you had to read it over 5 times before fully understanding the jargon and definitions of terms like “unrestricted” vs. “restricted.”  We also were thrown for a loop with the north vs. south side of Day Boulevard.  Which is north and which is south?  Do we need a compass? Where the heck is Kosciusko Circle? (it’s the rotary near Moakley Park.)

So we will do our best to break down the new parking situation along Day Boulevard. 

You can still park along Day Boulevard from I street to O Street on the north side of the street – (not the side closest to the beach.)  You cannot however park there  from 10pm-until 7am.  That it for South Boston Residents only. 

On Day Boulevard from O Street to Farragut Road it’s parking as usual on both the north and south side. 

Same goes Day Boulevard from Farragut Road to Shore Road (the little street that runs between Day Boulevard and Farragut Road near the Murphy Skating Rink.)  You can park on both side from 7am until 10pm.  At 10pm on the north side (the side opposite of the beach) parking  is only for South Boston Residents from 10pm until 7am. 

And finally on Shore Road, you can park there during the day but at night from 10pm until 7am, it’s restricted to only South Boston Residents.  There are signs up saying that Shore Road is open to only construction vehicles.  But we are guessing they are old signs that haven’t come down and that you can drive on Shore Road.  Hey, DCR take down those signs!

Make sense?

From what we hear, it’s freed up a ton of spots for South Boston Residents which is great since the parking situation in Southie is less than ideal. 

Happy Parking!