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Parakeets on the loose

Well, this seems odd.

In less than 24 hours – there were two posts on our social media feeds about parakeets discovered in the neighborhoods of Southie and Dorchester.

This one in Savin Hill:

and this one on Next Door:

The strange part is that they don’t seem to be the same parakeet that was found.  The one in Savin Hill is definitely more green than yellow – as reported in the Next Door.  So what the heck is going on?

Are pet owners leaving windows open and these bird are escaping?  Or people letting them go? Did they escape from the Franklin Park Zoo’s Aussie Aviary? 

Parakeets can survive “in the wild” in warmer climate for short periods of time.  You can find them in trees and grassy areas.  Parakeets need to watch out for hawks and falcons.

Have you seen a parakeet this summer in your neighborhood? 

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