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You’ve probably seen the video of pigeons wearing little cowboy hats in Vegas, right? Evidently someone with a lot of time on their hands is putting tiny hats on the birds. But wait….according to the Washington Post – upon a closer look – the hats are not just sitting on the pigeons head – which is delightful – the hats are glued onto the pigeon’s head – which is terrifying.

The hat wearing pigeons appearances coincided with the National Finals Rodeo so maybe a marketing gimmick? But the rodeo association has denied involvement in the cowboy hat shenanigans.

Should we be worried about the pigeons?

The Washington Post interviewed a Cornell University ornithologist, Charles Walcott, who specializes in pigeons and he wasn’t too concerned about the hats on the pigeons. According to Walcott, the hats are light and the pigeons are acting completely normal. Who knows? Maybe they are now the most popular pigeons on the block or maybe they are being ridiculed by their peers.

All pigeons should wear hats

We love the idea of pigeons wearing hats – not gluing hats to their heads – but maybe using a little elastic to keep the hat on – like a fascinator. It would definitely brighten your day to see a pigeon wearing a hat, right?

We would love to see the pigeons of Southie wearing little scally caps. We have enough time to make this happen by the St. Patrick’s Day parade. If it goes well, we can change their hats seasonally! The hat options are endless from sports teams to straw Panama hats in the summer.  Let’s make this a thing!


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