In celebration of World Teacher Day, we thought we share with you this gem from days of Southie yore.

This photo features the 1974-1975 kindergarten class at the Tuckerman School (now condos) on Emerson Street/East Fourth Street. Mrs. Foster was the teacher and she could have been 38 or 72 years-old.  It was the 1970’s. Things were fast and loose.  People drank and smoke. No one wore seat belts in cars. It was bologna and cheese on Wonder Bread in your Scooby Doo lunch box.

Check out the duds – turtlenecks tucked into a pair of slacks for boys. Smocked mini-dresses in a bold print or color for the girls.

The girl rocking the faux dirndl in red and white check (far left in the first row) is your’s truly!

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