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From the South Boston Neighborhood House:

We had some amazing teens in our SLIP program this year! SLIP stands for Summer Leadership Internship Program. Teens have to apply and go through and interview process to be selected for the program. SLIP aims to provide a place for developing youth leaders who will exert a positive influence on their peers and offer a first line of defense for those who are at risk. The goal of our program is to focus on building positive attitudes and foster a sense of responsibility toward self, school, work and the community. Our SLIP program went very well this year and it’s largely because of Caitlyn DeCarlo, our new SLIP Coordinator. She is doing great work and we are so lucky to have her.

All of our teens this summer were placed in internships with local organizations and did some amazing work. When they weren’t working, they were busy with lots of summer fun activities. SLIP went on field trips to Hale Reservation and Escape the Room (and they escaped with a minute to spare). Summer fun also included a fantastic trip to the Edward Kennedy Institute, where they became Senators In Training, learned all about the senate, and took part in a debate! They also took a tour of UMASS Boston and got a feel for what college might be like some day. Caitlyn organized an Alumni Meet and Greet with past SLIP program members and worked on building their resumes. The Gavin Foundation also stopped by for informative session to help the teens start thinking about planning for the future.

To finish up the program SLIP had a Colleges of Fenway Tour, a trip to The Oyster Project in Gloucester, and a Shark Tank presentation. The teens worked hard all summer on business ideas to present Shark Tank style to local business leaders. The presentations were brilliant and they made the Ollie very proud. Overall, a great way to end the summer with these amazing teens.

Meet the SLIP Teens

Michael Walsh
Internship: Ed Flynn Campaign

My name is Michael Walsh. I’m 14 years old I’m going into high school. I go to the Fessenden School. I work at Ed Flynn’s campaign. At my internship I go door to door and call people asking them if they will vote for Ed in the district 2 primaries on September 26th.

Aiden O’Brien
Internship: Sen. Linda Dorcena, State House

Hi my name is Aidan O’Brien. I am 12 years old and am going to start 7th grade at Boston Latin School. My internship was at State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry’s office and my supervisor was Sean Pierce, her chief of staff. At my work I took phone calls, researched organizations in the district, and wrote a bill. The bill was to rename the Marine Park bandstand after Southie’s own Harry Uhlman.

Conlan Connor
Internship: Boston City Council

Hello! My name is Conlan Connor. I am 13 years old going into the 9th grade at BLA. I work at City hall with the Central staff. There, I do basic office chores like refilling copiers and checking the mail. I work 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-3. I am the youngest intern in City hall, as the rest of my fellow interns range from 16-20 years old. I hope to gain office experience from this, as my previous two summers with SLIP have been working at food industries.

Thomas Donovan
Internship: Nick Collins Office, State House

This is Thomas’ first year in the SLIP Program. Through SLIP Thomas hopes to gain work experience, learn new skills and meet new people. He would like to expand his circle of friends outside of the people he goes to school with and sees SLIP as an opportunity to grow. He also hope the experience will give him a better idea of what he might want to do when he gets older. Thomas is also interested in science, computers, science fiction and history.

Molly Keenan
Internship: Boston Bagel Company

My name is Molly Keenan and I go to Boston Latin School. I’m 13 years old and work at the Boston Bagel Company. At the Boston Bagel Company, I make and give bagels to customers. I also package cream cheeses for catering services.

Mick Crowley
Internship: Cronin Group

I’m Mick Crowley, I’m 14 years old, I attend Catholic Memorial, and am going into my freshman year of high school. My internship site is the Cronin Group. While at the Cronin Group I help out around the office by doing things like giving people papers, scanning papers, putting water in the fridge, running trips to the mail box, etc. When I’m lucky I might go on a field trip to a job sight or an event.

Erin Collins
Internship: Cranberry Café

My name is Erin Collins. I go to Boston Collegiate Charter School. I will be in the 8th grade this year. I work at Cranberry Cafe. When I’m working, I serve food and make drinks and take some orders. I have am really enjoying my time working here and I hope to continue working in this industry in the future!

Keara Wilbanks
Internship: Compass on the Bay

My name is Keara Wilbanks and I am 12 years old. Next year I will be attending Boston Latin School. My internship is Compass on the Bay. I talk to the elderly, serve food, play games with the elderly, and occasionally go on field trips with them. Like to the beach and museum.

Madisyn O’Connell
Internship: The Beauty Bar

This is Madisyn’s first year in the SLIP program. Through SLIP, Madisyn hopes to improve her social interaction with peers. She is very excited for her first work experience and to be involved in something productive over the summer. Madisyn enjoys being creative and hopes she can apply that skill to the workplace. Madisyn is also involved in basketball and likes science.

Andrew Menjin
Internship: SBNH Family Engagement

Hello my name is Andrew Menjin and I am a 13 year old, 8th grade student at BCCS. This summer I worked at the SLIP program at the South Boston Neighborhood House. In the SLIP program I was assigned to Family Engagement at the Ollie. I did a few things at the Ollie in Family Engagement. I did stuff like make books and put stickers on stamps and clean up toys rooms for the kids. So I did a bunch of preparation work for events for the kids at the Ollie.

Jackie Fiasconaro
Internship: SBNH Family Engagement

My name is Jackie Fiasconaro and I go to Boston Collegiate Charter School. I am 14 years old and work for Family Engagement at the South Boston Neighborhood House. With Family Engagement, I go on trips with some kids. So far I have gone paddle boarding and I went to Spectacle Island. When I am not on a trip I stay at the SBNH and help out around the building.

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    Congratulations to all of the Slip Program interns! What a great way to spend your summer! Great expereience for you all!

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