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The official kick off of summer is before us – Memorial Day Weekend!  Although forecasts are a little gloomy, we thought we’d let you in on some insider tips to have a little fun.  You never know, the meteorologists could be wrong!  Here are some suggestions of how to get your party started. 

Everything’s coming up Rose at Social Wines (52 West Broadway).  Here are some recommendations for their wine experts:
  • Best for Brunch: Le Poussin. Flavors of peaches and cream, pairs well with waffles or a lobster omelette! France $12 (750ML)
  • BBQ and Yard Games: Jolie Folle. Hints of salted watermelon. France $16 (1L)
  • The Grown-Ups One: RosesRoses. Tangerine, strawberry and mineral. Italy $17 (750ML)
  • The Splurge: 1.5 liters of Chateau Peyrassol. Perfumed roses. France $70 (1.5L)
Bee’s Knee’s (12 Farnsworth Street) is offering a special boxed lunches with fresh made sandwiches perfect for a romantic picnic at the beach.  They also have housemade pickles and plenty of craft beer and chilled bottles of Rose. 
Cook out:
Fire up the grill. The experts at K & Eighth Market and Butcher Shop can help you plan your menu.   Stop by for some suggestions or recommendations they are always happy to help.  A local favorite?  Their marinated steak tips!  
Foodie’s (230 West Broadway)has pork spare ribs $2.39/lb. and chicken leg quarters $1.09/lb. which are perfect for grilling. 
Bee’s Knee’s has on hand housemade sausages, fresh cuts of meat, a huge selection of unique barbecue sauces, rubs and spices, plus grill kits from Stonewall Kitchen.

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  1. amy hayes May 25, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    K & Eighth is the best butcher but they also have really fresh seafood and the best chicken wings for marinating.


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