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A few short months after Patrick and Kristin Loftus welcomed their twins Logan and Harper in March of 2019, they noticed that something did not seem right with Logan. He was often very short of breath, had extreme coughs and weak cries.

In June, after a month or so of doctors visits and various tests, Logan was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY. He would go on to spend two weeks there after being diagnosed with tracheomalacia with an innominate artery compression of his lower trachea. This caused Logan to struggle significantly while eating and breathing.

As a result of this diagnosis, Logan was transported via ambulance to Boston Children’s Hospital, which is one of only two hospitals in the country to perform the surgery Logan would require. He stayed at Children’s for two more weeks before being sent home to Syracuse, where the plan was to monitor his condition and get him strong enough to eventually withstand surgery.

These past few months they have been monitoring Logan from home, giving regular breathing treatments and fighting off illnesses as best they could. They were in constant contact with the Esophageal and Airway Team at Children’s Hospital, who became increasingly more concerned with his progress, or lack there of.

While Patrick and Kristin were always planning to return to Boston eventually, this turn of events expedited their move significantly. Just this past Monday, the Loftus family moved back to Boston after selling their home in New York. The need to be as close as physically possible to Children’s has become their utmost priority.

The Loftus’ are struggling both emotionally and financially and need help. Please consider making a donation. You can learn more here.

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