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Let’s keep it clean! 

Hi there! I recently came across your post on what quality of life issue would you like addressed in 2016. Well, buckle up, here is my long rant. 

Everyday I walk my dog by Up Academy Charter School on Dorchester Street and like the respectful law abiding citizen that I am, I curb my dog just as the sign posted on the school says. However, I can’t help but laugh to myself in a mixture of anger and irony as I see the school yard completely littered with trash. I have actually witnessed a school boy toss his BK soda cup in the yard when the trash was a mere 5 feet away. I gave a scowl and a disappointing head shake instead of throwing my dogs sh*t at him (which of course I would never do but I will admit the thought crossed my mind). 

I get it, nothing is worse than stepping in dog poop and I fully support all the signs posted around Southie, but how about we start focusing on curbing ourselves and teaching our children to do the same. I am embarrassed to call this littered street my home!  Come on, Southie! We are better than this! 

Liz Grabner Thaler