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April 2013

Run Kennedy Run!

Local morning Mix 104.1 personality Kennedy is a Southie girl at heart.  Although she wasn’t born here, Kennedy loves South Boston – especially the people.  “I love my neighbors.  They are amazing.  The first year I lived on G St, I would forget about street cleaning and they would make sure I would get out and move my car.  And I love how everyone is connected somehow – by family or marriage or dating – so when you meet one person, you really meet about 20. I love it here,” say Kennedy. 

Kennedy is now putting her endurance to the test this Marathon Monday when she runs the 26.2 miles for Boston Children’s Hospital.   “Specifically I’m partnered with Emily and Sara Crowley as my Patient Partners once again. Emily and Sara each overcame life-threatening ailments, having been born 12 weeks premature at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston at a combined weight of just under 5 pounds. Since the newborn intensive care unit at the hospital was full, the twins were immediately transferred to Children’s Hospital Boston’s neo natal intensive care unit. They were there for three months. Now, 6 years later they are happy and healthy and I am honored to call the entire Crowley family my friend.”

Kennedy is training with Cody Harter from Healthworks in Chestnut Hill who is helping her transform her running style and adapting a perfect pace to complete the 26 miles.  “It’s a challenge.   I’m still way behind in miles and money but the experience is so amazing, I just want to finish and do well for Boston Children’s Hospital.”

Q&A with Kennedy:
Where did you grow up?  Mostly a suburb of Chicago called Wheaton – where incidentally we have a Wheaton College.  When I first moved here I couldn’t believe how many people were wearing Wheaton sweatshirts.  Little did I know.
How long have you been in the radio industry? I’ve been in radio in some way, shape or fashion since about 1999.  I’ve worked in Fayetteville, NC; Tuscon, AZ; Tallahassee, FL; Memphis TN; and now Boston.
How long have you known your morning radio partner Karson?  Too long.  I’m kidding, I met Karson before I started in radio.  He’s the one who got me my first job in Fayetteville, NC.  He was working at a local station and decided to work with the local regional theater where I was doing a show.  He saw me on stage and asked if I had ever considered working in radio.  He kept after me, bringing me into the studio at wee hours to get me on tape and then gave that tape to his boss.  Had I not met him, I wouldn’t be here today.
Your morning show begins at 5:30am.  What time do you wake up?  I’m up at 3 am.  It hurts no matter how long you do it.  Period.  I like to be asleep by 8, so I usually am in bed by 730.  Puts a damper on your social life and if it wasn’t for on demand I’d never get to watch TV.

War of the Roses is a popular segment on your show where you bait cheating spouses into ordering a dozen roses for the person their cheating with – what’s the funniest or weirdest thing that ever happened during a war of the roses call?  Well,  my favorite is when I got busted.  The guy I was calling was like, “Oh really, Shelly, or should I call you Kennedy?”  It was awkward and hilarious at the same time.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Southie?  I’m a big fan of Salsa’s, PS Gourmet for Sunday morning coffee and egg sandwich, and Playwright for lunch.  So many new places have opened up and I look forward to eating at all of them!
Favorite spot in Southie?  L Street Tavern always feels like home, and I went to Touchie’s Shamrock Pub for the first time after the parade – best corned beef sandwich – ever!  And without Shag and Sarra,  I am scared as to what I’d look like, those ladies keep me straight.

You can tune into Kennedy weekday mornings from 5:30-9:00 on Mix 104.1. 
To help support Kennedy as she runs the Boston Marathon visit: http://www.milesformiracles.org/boston/kennedyelsey

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  1. milo April 11, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    I’m an old man sitting at my PC. Just found an obituary about and old freined, Eddie “Toes” Toland.  I was one of his kid brother “Duncan” s friends. A wave of nostalgia washed over me. I cannot recall ever being happier in my life than growing up in Southie. I went to Gatey, I played football for the junior Aces. I have a jersey from the Aces that has been with me for 65 years sittingt in the headboard of my bed as well as a ST Monica’s jersey and  a couple of others. (And , no, I don’t fit into it anymore. I am one of those Southie guys who got married young andmove to the suburbs early on. (Billerica.). My job had me moving every couple of years , but a couple of times there was a Boston opening and  I moved back, but into the burbs. My Mom lived on Emerson until her death. I was born on I street–at home as was usual at that time. Later lived on K then we moved to E 6th wher I stayed until I got married and moved out.

    I don’t know if it is age or just me, but I, very often, reminisce about the unique and great life I had growing up in Southie. I am eternally grateful to have been born in America an to have grown up in Southie. My first kiss, my first crush, my first prom all those sweet and lovely memories tie back to Southie. I often think of Duncan, Jackie, Manko, Catfish, Monk , Franner, Jerry and the rest.

    I am in my 80th year. I could add tons more here but I haveprobably worn out any reader by now.

    As a Gatey boy, I beleive in the hereafter. I hope it is like Southie when I was akid. I hope my God will have me playing half ball with all my old buddies. I hope Toes and the older guys are there to chase us younger guys around and give us Indian rubs. ….and I hope the 16 year old girl who I had the greatest crush on and who I never pursued is around to just smile at me the way she used to.








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