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December 2010

Jamie Lee is a friend to all.  He is a native son of South Boston.  Born on East Fifth Street and still resides there today.  Everyone knows Jamie.  You can find him out in front of his house with one of his three kids or maybe his head under the hood of a car fixing the carburetor.  He is a mechanic by trade and loves to fix things.  Or maybe you recognize him because you’ve seen him on his nightly patrols of the local bar scene.  When asked if he has a certain route that he follows when going from pub to pub, he says no.  He likes to mix it up a little. “You know, to keep life interesting.”

He ventures as far down as the Cornerstone across from Broadway station.  But his normal loop might consist of the Beer Garden to the PlayWright and maybe a trip to Tom English’s on Emerson Street.  He also stops by Shenannigan’s and the Black Thorn.  He’s been seen in L Street Tavern on occasion as well.  Jamie doesn’t drink – hasn’t for years, but he likes the social element of the bar scene and just likes to stop in say hello to the staff and the patrons. “You know, just check in and see what’s going on,”  says Lee.

A typical day in the life of Jamie Lee might be wake up (which is anywhere from 9am to Noon), grab some food – his favorite lunch spot is Sullivan’s – check in with his kids, and walk to the library to take a gander at his Facebook account on-line.  His Facebook profile picture is sometimes a mix of disturbing and funny created by his buddy and neighbor Jamie Ryan.   He has 168 friends on Facebook and his profile reads: A friend in need is a friend in deed – a creed on which he bases his life.  Jamie always has a helping hand.  If you need help shoveling, he’s there.  Trouble with your car – he’ll help you out.  He always has a smile for you and a funny story to brighten your day.  He is a real character – so much so there use to be a Southie Jenga drinking game where if you pulled out a certain block it read “Drink 4 times if you saw Jamie Lee today.”

So when you see Jamie zipping around town on his scooter, or standing on the corner of M&5th, give him a wave or a beep.  If you see him on his nightly bar patrol, shake his hand.  He is a true Southie original and we are proud of him!

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    He’s just one wonderful personality to meet in your life, I guess. It is so rare to find people like him who are a great source of positive energy. An amazing guy who loves his life and seeks the way to make it interesting. Thanks for the share.

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