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Happy National Drink Wine Day!  It seems like every day it’s a different National Whatever Day, National Salad Day, National Wave To Your Letter Carrier Day, National Replica Colonial Rocking Chair Day, as someone who looks to such days for writing inspiration it can get a little ridiculous.  But National Wine Day, now that’s a holiday I can get behind.

Isn’t wine just the best?  Like I love it so much and I previously didn’t even think I was capable of love.  Wine has changed me!  Ok, I’m being over-dramatic, but wine is pretty friggin great.  It’s so great that I thought I would list some of the reasons I love it so much, join me while I count the ways in which I love wine!

It’s fruit.  Wine is basically a cup of fruit salad, so drink up.

You can drink it alone.  There’s nothing wrong with polishing off a bottle of rosé on a warm night. If you polish off a bottle of vodka alone, you’ve probably got an intervention coming your way.

It’s an appetite suppressant.  I’m like never hungry after drinking a bottle of wine.

But it also goes great with food.  Wine pairs with food, and it’s classy to ask what food pairs well with your wine.  So next time you’re out to dinner ask your waiter what pairs well with chicken fingers and honey mustard.

Oh and also cheese.  “Wine and cheese” is an institution.

A glass of red wine equals one hour at the gym.  It’s true!  It’s science!  Don’t have a bunch of wino Facebook friends so you’ve never seen any articles about this?  Well,here you go.

It’s fancy.  Who doesn’t feel fancier with a glass of wine in their hand?  Pinkies up!

It’s better than Tylenol PM.  Ain’t no sleep like a two (or three) glasses of wine sleep.

It’s perfectly fine to drink in front of family of all ages.  Go ahead and have a couple glasses at your next family dinner, no one will bat an eye. Pound a few Red Bull vodkas and your family will probably hate you. 

It upgrades every activity.  Wine makes everything better.  Whether its board games, cleaning out your closet, trick or treating, the movies, walking Castle Island, wine will take it to the next level.  Except driving, don’t drink and drive.

Wine is a great way to convince your friends to stay in.  When you’re trying to save money “let’s just stay in with a couple bottles of wine” works a lot better than “let’s just stay in with a couple bottles of ginger ale”.

You will live forever.  Well almost forever.  This guy lived to 107 by drinking four bottles of wine a day, like a boss.

Cheers! Whether you like a chilled glass of rose or full bodied red, you should celebrate!  Our friends at Mayhew Wine in Fort Point can help you select the perfect bottle (or two or three). Open M-Sat 11-10 / Sun 12-6 Free Tastings on Thursdays from 5-7pm.

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