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“Stop Crying and Fight Your Father!”

Everyone remembers the classic episode of Seinfeld where Kramer and Frank Costanza try to resurrect the made-up holiday of Festivus. So where did this idea of Festivus pole, airing of grievances and feats of strength come from? Well, according to Uproxx, it came from one of Seinfeld’s writers. Daniel O’Keefe’s who was one of the writers who wrote the episode called “The Strike” and it was O’Keefe’s father who made up the holiday. It was Daniel O’Keefe’s younger brother Mark that told two other writers from the show – Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer – about this bizarre tradition from their childhood. Berg and Schaffer felt strongly that it needed to be written into the show! And the rest is history.

You can read all about the episode, the holiday, and the writing process of Seinfeld here!

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