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Now that school is out – get Ripped!

Celebrating 10 years of getting Southie Teens in shape, here are 5 Reasons a kid should join Ripped by Regan as told by Thomas Regan:

  1. The Cost – Sports and conditioning camps that last only two weeks can cost parents anywhere from 200 to a thousand dollars, we only charge $350 for the whole summer! So if you want to send your kids away to some high-pricey, low-character camp in Cambridge, be our guest, but we’ll be training our kids and getting them in shape, Southie style.
  2. The Results – We have been doing this program for 10 years down at Lst and have seen a lot, from kid’s shedding countless pounds of excess fat to kids training for division 1 college sports. We adjust plans for the need of each individual and help them attain their goals. Hell, by the time they get their Ripped by Regan T-shirts, they will be ripping off the sleeves to walk the beach.
  3. The Trainers – This year my father, Tom Regan, has passed a majority of the reigns over to his ambitious sons, my brother Sean and myself. Sean and I are looking forward to a summer full of rewarding hard work. We are going to get these kids in shape and have fun along the way.
  4. The Location – Our camp takes place at the Lst Bathhouse; walking distance from any house in Southie. We don’t just lock these kids up for 2 hours a day indoors, we get them out and active; we go from the track at Moakley Park, to the basketball courts at M St, to the golden stairs of Dorchester Heights, and even right into the ocean on occasion.  We make the most of our location and use it to our advantage.
  5. The Legacy- A decade of Southie kids have grown up with the backbone of Ripped by Regan, and we want to continue the trend. The program has made each of the last 10 summers memorable to not just my brother, father, and I but to the participants as well.

Here are the facts:

  • 10 week program (Begins Monday June 20th – you can join now)
  • $350
  • 4 sessions a week Monday-Thursday
  • 2 groups -7:30-9:30am (ages 15 and up) and 9:30-11:30am (ages 11-15)