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We are in the midst of a pandemic.  Due to COVID-19, for the past month, we’ve been advised to stay at home, practice social distancing and wear a mask if we have to go out.  Now, spring weather is here and residents are out and about – some adhering to the advisories, others blatantly ignoring them.

Well, a new “situation” has arisen.    DCR announced last month, that trash receptacles would not be available and for people to prepare to “Carry in and Carry out.”  Well, it’s not happening and dog poop bags can be found all along our beaches.

One resident of South Boston reached out to us on Wednesday to say that while walking along Carson Beach she found seven bags of poop and one dog poop sans bag on the block between K and L.

Come, on!  Do better!  Carry your poop bag home and throw it away.  Be a responsible dog owner.  Be a responsible citizen.

Please remember to stay at home.  If you have to go out, remember to wear a mask! 

Please pick up your dog’s poop and please throw your poop bag away.

Thank you!

(Editor’s note: We apologize for the graphic nature of the photos. We felt it was necessary to display how gross this behavior is.)





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