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It’s here, the day we’ve all been waiting for – Trader Joe’s opens on Friday!  Where my TJs hive at?  As you can probably tell, I’m pretty pumped for the Fort Point Trader Joe’s.  To commemorate this historic occasion I’m sharing my ten favorite Trader Joe’s products (that aren’t wine), so read on!

1. Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sausage

I eat these chicken sausages almost every week, they’re my easy, go-to work lunch.  I just slice them up, add some frozen Trader Joe’s peppers, toss with olive oil and Mrs. Dash, and bake.  I add some Trader Joe’s brown rice and bam, a complete meal.

2. Herb And Garlic Seasoned Steak With Chimichurri Sauce

As much as I love steak (and I do love it) I’m here for the chimichurri.  I have been know to eat it with a spoon as legit side instead of a condiment, it’s that good.  The problem with chimichurri?  It’s a beast to make.  All that chopping?  Who has the time?  Trader Joe’s to the rescue.

3. Unexpected Cheddar

Trader Joe’s has a pretty impressive cheese selection.  You like smushy cheese?  They got that.  You like stinky cheese?  They got that.  You like the cheese with the fruit jam on top?  They got that.  I do not like any of those cheeses, but I love this parm-cheddar hybrid.

4. Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds/Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Don’t make me pick between my two favorite afternoon pick-me-ups because I won’t.

5.  Cauliflower Gnocchi

I’m assuming you’ve heard tale of Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi?  If not I admire your resolve to spend a year or two off the grid, and I’m honored you hopped back the grid on to read this.  TJ’s cauliflower gnocchi is so popular some stores can’t even keep it in stock.  When I make it, I saute a whole bag up in a pan with a little olive oil and then add TJ’s vegan pesto and parmesan cheese, because balance.  Also as much as I like cauliflower gnocchi, it’s not a legit substitute for regular old gnocchi.  Like if you’re craving Capo’s lobster gnocchi you’re going to be real disappointed.

6. Uncured Ham And Swiss Cheese Flaky Croissants

My love of breakfast sandwiches is well known across the globe, but I’m also a HUGE fan a flaky pastry with a savory meat and cheese filling.  These are great to keep in your freezer just in case you wake up one day needing them, which happens at least once a month.

7. BBQ Cut Salmon

Don’t be fooled by the name guys, you don’t HAVE to barbecue this salmon!  These BBQ cuts are perfect single serving filets.  Imagine buying a whole fish and slicing and dicing that sucker up?  No ma’am.  Give me a couple salmon filets, no muss, no fuss.  PS I like to marinate them in a little teriyaki, sesame oil, soy sauce, spices concoction before I roast them.

8. Country Potatoes

In this post Atkins world potatoes get a bad rap.  Guys there’s nothing wrong with having potatoes in your life!  Trader Joe’s Country Potatoes are perfect for me because I can’t be bothered with peeling potatoes.  I mean who am I, Beetle Bailey?  Sometimes I eat this potato, green bean, and mushroom medley as a side dish, sometimes I toss it with sliced kielbasa and throw the whole deal in the oven, and sometimes like today I cook em up in a skillet and then crack a couple eggs to make a country potato scramble.

9. Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate

I’m terrified of aging.  Spare me the whole “you should embrace aging because it’s a privilege many are denied” malarky, I want to be young and beautiful.  If Isabella Rossellini popped up right now with that Death Becomes her potion I would drink that bad boy down no questions asked.  Till that happens, I add this to my coffee.  Is it working?  Who knows!  But at least if I’m going down I’m going down swinging.

10.  Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

You know what’s great about a hair mask?  It’s the perfect excuse to sit on the couch all day like a slug.  Yeah the directions say you only need to leave it on for three to five minutes, but just think how beneficial three to five hours of hair mask could be!
Alright, those are my (current) ten favorite Trader Joe’s products.  If you pushed me to eleven I would include their frozen Quiche Lorraine, and their taco and everything bagel seasonings are great too!  There’s a lot of Trader Joe’s stuff I really like!  On a serious note I want to make clear that post is not sponsored by Trader Joe’s.  These are my own thoughts, opinions, and eating habits.  That being said, if anyone at Trader Joe’s headquarters would like to sponsor some of my content, I’m available and will work for Jingle Jangle.

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