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It’s been almost two weeks since my second dose of Pfizer and you know what that means…I’M READY TO PARTY. *  The last time I went out out was dinner in September (thank you for a great night Table).  I have spent seven months solely in the social company of my family and my bubble family.  No offense to my bubble buddies but it’s been rough stuff and I am ready to get OUT.

But where am I going?  So glad you asked.  I’ve only been thinking about it nonstop for months, so here are the first stops on my comeback (don’t call it a comeback) tour.

Crab Rangoon and Painkillers at Fat Baby

Exactly one year ago I talked how much I miss Saturday afternoons at Fat Baby and guess what?  I still miss it, like a lot!

Bloody Mary and a Burger at dBar

Remember when Dorothy tells the Scarecrow she’ll miss him most of all?  That’s me and brunch.  I haven’t had a Bloody Mary in over a year and that is unacceptable. I started a Nexium IV in anticipation of all that delicious tomato acidity.

Chicken Parm at Porto Bello

Last year in the late summer/early fall I grabbed a dinner of chicken parm on Porto Bello’s patio and I’ve never felt more alive.

Pretzel Sticks at Roza Lyons

Sometimes you just want a little snack…that you can use as a spoon to shovel beer cheese into your mouth.

Chips, Salsa and Guacamole, with a Margarita Sampler at Yellow Door Taqueria

Just to be clear there is no official “margarita sampler” on the menu, that’s just what I call trying one of every margarita at the same sitting.

Espresso Martinis at Capo

Yes, I bought the DIY make your own espresso martini kits, but drinking one giant espresso martini out of my Yeti tumbler while watching Hoarders just isn’t the same as getting dressed up and heading to Capo.  Speaking of getting dressed up, I will now be dressing like a Moira Rose Technicolor Dream Coat fever dream, so get ready.

Potato Skins and Pizza at The Seapoint

Sometimes you want to eat someplace where people sincerely say, “Say hi to your mother for me” and also eat the best apps in the game.

Cycling Class at The Handle Bar

See guys its not all food and drinks!  Oh, how I’ve missed getting my ass handed to me by The Handle Bar team.  And just a reminder a workout is not punishment or penance for the crab Rangoon, chicken parm, burgers, pretzels, chips, potato skins, and martinis; it’s a privilege.

See you ’round!

*By “party” I mean responsibly socialize like the middle-aged lady I am

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