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Are your feet sad?  Do they look a bit depressed lately?  

Happy Feet might be just what they need!  Located in the Leather District – a stone’s throw away from Southie – Happy Feet is a sanctuary for the body, mind and spirit  – not just your feet!  On a recent girls night out, my friend Paula had suggested we try something other than the normal dinner and drinks.  She had been singing the praises of Happy Feet for months and we were all in agreement we would give it a try.  When we first entered Happy Feet, we were greeted by happy faces and eager hands to knead away our stress and tension.  We were escorted to an area with comfy chairs and ottomans and were instructed to sit down and relax.  Our tired feet were placed into pails of warm water with Asian herbs and teas and as they soaked, the massage therapists began to work their magic. 

Massaged away our tension

Beginning at the tops of our heads, down our shoulders and backs, strong hands massaged and stretched away tension and our bodies became relaxed.  Our feet were removed from the soak and dried off with towels.  They continued the massage on our feet and calves using reflexology.  Reflexology is the application of pressure to the feet that have beneficial results to the over-all relaxation and health of the body. It is an amazing and relaxing experience.

Water and oranges

After our hour session was complete, we were given water and fresh oranges.  The cost of this little bit of heaven was just $50.  We left in a haze of pure bliss vowing to one another that we need to do this more often.  Happy Feet is a great way to treat yourself and perfect spot to share with your friends.  I highly recommend it and I’m already planning on going again next week.  Book your appointment now!  Your feet and your entire body will thank you. 

Happy Feet

150 Lincoln St # 1A, 

(617) 348-2988 ?