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Written by Heather Foley

According to recent poll on CIS, everyone is pumped to get in shape in 2013, yay!  So how is it going for everyone?  Seriously, we’re  2 weeks in to 2013, have you at least stuck with it so far?  Please don’t tell me you’ve already given up.  Well if you have, snap out of it!  Get back on that horse, or whatever other cliche would motivate you.  So what happened?  How did you get knocked off track?  Apparently a lot of people’s resolutions go by the wayside because they’re intimidated at the gym.  Well according to a couple surveys I read online (for five minutes and then I got bored) both women and men are intimidated for different reasons.  Lucky for all you guys and gals out there, I’m going to help you overcome your fears and get your booty back in the gym.

First of all every year there seems to be some newbie gym go-er hate every January first.  I’m not going to lie, I get annoyed with the longer shower lines, more crowded classes, and general crowding at the gym, but I would never, ever be rude to someone at the gym.  Everyone at the gym is there trying to improve themselves, and that is to be commended.  If anyone is rude to you at the gym they’re an a-hole.  Unless you do something super obnoxious, like hoard all the dumb bells, because if that’s the case you deserve everything you get.

So guess what guys are most nervous about at the gym?  Give up?  They’re scared of looking like a little girly man when they lift weights.  Basically guys are afraid that when they grab a set of weights at the gym everyone will judge them for not lifting heavy enough.  Speaking for the ladies, I have never noticed how much weight a guy is lifting at any given time.  No one is adding up your weights, reps, and sets, so chill out.  But you know what I have noticed and judge dudes a little on?  Condescendingly moving the pin on a machine to the lowest possible weight for me after you’ve finished your set.  I can handle more than 20 pounds on the leg press machine thank you very much.  Oh and boys, who really cares if you’re not benching pressing a small car?  Do you want double D pecs?  Is gorilla juicehead the look you’re going for?  Probably not so just lift what you can and get on with your life.

Not all that surprising, but ladies are not really concerned about people judging them for what they lift.  So what strikes fear into the hearts of the fairer sex?  The dreaded locker room!  Yup, ladies be buggin about getting judged in the locker room.  My fellow women folk, are you for real?  Were girls really that mean in high school that as a grown ass women you’re scared of locker rooms?  I hate to break it to you, but no one is checking you out on your walk to the shower.  If someone is showering and changing in the locker room that means they’re probably on their way to work, or at least they have somewhere to go, so they are way too busy rushing around like a maniac to get ready themselves.  They are too busy to notice someone’s cellulite or who needs a bikini wax.  Honestly gals the only way someone is going to notice you at all in the locker room is if you act like a weirdo.  So as long as you don’t give yourself a breast exam, attack your belly button with a Q-tip, or spend 15 minutes putting hot rollers in completely bare ass you should be fine.

So what did we learn today?  Everyone at the gym is terrified someone is going to look at them!  And in a way if should be oddly comforting.  Most of the people you are worried about judging you are too worried that you’re judging them to give you a second thought.  Everyone at the gym is there trying to improve their body (and probably their life), and if you’re focusing on improving yourself you are too busy to notice and judge other.  Unless of course you act like a weirdo.  Remember no matter the situation, if you act like a weirdo people are going to notice you, and that’s my life lesson for today.

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