The award-winning, Vaudeville-inspired comedy troupe Gold Dust Orphans moved to the South Boston Lithuanian Club on West Broadway a few years ago with a Christmas who dunnit “Whatever Happened to Baby Jesus?”! Just last week, they opened another Christmas show “Little Christmas Tree Shop of Horrors!”

Who is killing the somewhat innocent, questionably respectable people of Revere, Massachusetts? And at Christmas, for Christ’s sake!

Nervous Dollar Store manager Norbert Feinstein knows! But he’s too busy pining for his co-worker, Tawdry and running from his boss, everyone’s favorite holiday villain, Hermione P. Grinchley! Things look pretty bleak for our heroes… That is until the day they come across the strangest little Christmas tree… a Christmas tree that KILLS!!!

Please join the Gold Dust Orphans as they return to the stage in their brand new, all singin’, all dancin’, musical mystery mash-up extravaganza “Little Christmas Tree Shop of Horrors!”

You can get your tickets here! 

Do be forewarned that Little Christmas Tree Shop of Horrors is NOT for children. Unless, of course, they’re of drinking age!


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