You’ve heard of home-sharing right – hello Airbnb – well, did you know you can do the same with your car?  Getaround Boston lets users find and instantly book vehicles from private car owners, all through a mobile app!   So if you have a car that you never use and it’s just sitting on the street collecting pollen dust, you can share it with verified renters!  By using the Getaround app, people skip the lines and paperwork at traditional rental car counters, and the hassle of buying and maintaining a car.

Need car to run an errand, or for a weekend away?  Well, Getaround can help you out!  Just download the app, search for a car, tap to book and unlock the car all from your phone!  

Starting at just $4 an hour, you can book cars right on your block, by the hour or by the day! You can drive up 25 miles per hour or 200 miles per day!

Thinking about sharing your car?  People share everything from a Prius to a Tesla and earn thousands in extra income each year, offsetting the high cost of car ownership while also making a positive impact on the environment. Sounds good to us!

Getaround is giving away a free weekend in a Tesla, enter to win it here:

Sign up for free and get $25 off your first rental here:

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We recently tried out Getaround and did a little instagram story about it!  You can check it out here! 

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