August is upon us and that means only one more full calendar month before the Preliminary Election! Campaign fundraising teams are shifting into high gear; if you aren’t getting emails, texts, or in some cases DMs asking for money, do you really even live in Boston?

Endorsements are also coming in hot and heavy. Some recent organizational endorsement highlights for a few of our mayoral candidates:

Annissa Essaibi George: the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 93 & the Boston Emergency Medical Services Union

Kim Janey: Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 888 & 32BJ SEIU.

Michelle Wu: Sunrise Boston, the Sierra Club & Teamsters Local 25

Speaking of Mayoral Candidates, the Ballot Position lottery went off without a hitch. The order in which the Mayoral Candidates will appear on the September 14th ballot is:

  1. Annissa Essaibi George
  2. Richard Spagnuolo
  3. Andrea Campbell
  4. Kim Janey
  5. Michelle Wu
  6. Jon Santiago*
  7. Robert Capucci
  8. John Barros

On September 14th, remember, you will be voting for your top mayoral candidate, the one you most want to appear on the November 2nd ballot.

And speaking of the September 14th election, you WILL be able to vote by mail, if you so choose, without having to have a reason for not being able to make it to your polling place. On July 29th Governor Baker signed into law a provision to extend vote-by-mail through Dec. 15, 2021. Yay!

If you want to vote by mail, you must be proactive about it. You need to be registered to vote and then you need to request a mail-in ballot. You need to print out this form and fill it out!  Then you need to either mail it in or drop it off. Find out your specific details here!  

After you complete these steps a ballot will be mailed to you that you will have to fill in and then mail back!  You want to make sure those ballots are back in the mail at least ONE WEEK before September 14th!

Let’s all vote & get those turnout numbers high!!!!

*Even though Representative Jon Santiago has dropped out of the race to be Boston’s Mayor, his name will still be on the ballot on September 14th. There are certain dates one needs to withdraw by, if they don’t want their name to appear, and Rep. Santiago missed that date.   

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