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It’s been one week – 7 days – since CIS blogger Peter Gailunas and I (Maureen Dahill/CIS Editor) gave up alcohol for the entire month of January.  So how’s it going?  For me, it’s been pretty easy.  There hasn’t been anything major socially – like parties or dinners or anything that I’ve had to sip a soda water instead of wine.  Honestly, all we’ve done all week is work and sit on the couch and re-watch The Wire. Right?

PG: Alcohol probably would have made watching The Wire more enjoyable though.  We also watched numerous Bruins games and you didn’t drink wine from your Bruins wine glass.  I could have used a drink a few of those games.  

MD: Sure but since we are dry this month – I haven’t missed it this past week.  How about you?

PG: Not really.  

MD: I’ve gone to the gym more but that could be a coincidence since it is a time of resolutions and working out more is always a biggie.  I’d like to report that I’ve lost weight – but I haven’t weighed myself or that my skins looks healthier but it’s only been a week.

PG: I’m back at the gym but I feel like shit because I haven’t worked out in months.  So the gym has been brutal.  I think a week is too soon to undergo noticeable physical transformations.  Some days I wake up and I still feel slightly hungover.  

MD: Really?  I don’t feel hungover as much as sometimes I feel like I’m drunk.   My hope is by the end of the month I’m 10 pounds lighter and look 10 years younger.  But most likely that’s doubtful since I have noticed that sometimes at night I feel like I need to reward myself with Pepperidge Farms Sausalitos and not just one like two or three.  So that’s not good.

PG: I noticed that we are both very hydrated.  We’ve been drinking a shitload of water.  

MD: Yes, and I like to put some lemon in it so it looks more like a cocktail.  I guess I miss the ritual of a drink more than anything.  You know the whole mixing a cocktail or  sharing a bottle of wine.  Pouring it in the glass, doing a cheers, and slugging it back.  

PG: I miss the buzz.

MD: There is one day this past week that I wanted a drink.

PG: When was that?

MD: On Wednesday night when the kids found out they had no school because it was going to be really cold out.  I’m not sure if it was because I wanted to celebrate their happiness or rather I found myself a little depressed and wanted to numb the situation at hand.  I  mean Jesus, they were off for two weeks and now they get another day off?  Put a hat on go to school.

PG: Mine was yesterday. I needed a drink when they announced Boston was picked for the Olympics.  So I guess at the end of the first week of Dry January, I feel the same.  Maybe next week, things will change – for the better of the worst.

MD: We shall see!  

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