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America’s Drunkest Cities of 2012

Is it time to check into rehab?  Are we hungover more often than not? Boston was recently named one of the drunkest city in the country.  Number eight to be exact in America’s Drunkest Cities of 2012.

The uber-trendy website The Daily Beast analyzed data from Experian Simmons to determine the alcohol consumption in 200 American cities.  They also factored in the amount of heavy and/or binge drinkers in the city using information from the Centers of Disease.

Here are the facts:
Avg. alcoholic drinks consumed by adults per month: 15.6

Percentage of population classified as binge drinkers: 20.1%

Percentage of population classified as heavy drinkers: 7.4%

But don’t go calling Intervention just yet.  Don’t forget, we have die-hard sports fans with reasons to celebrate and sometimes reasons to drown our sorrows!  We also have all those college kids (250,000 plus) and let us not forget St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, in particular Southie, so right there alone the scales are tipped. 

On a lighter note, at least we are a fun town!  Wouldn’t you rather be listed as one of the drunkest cities than say, one of the most boring cities? 

We raise our glass to that!  Party on, Boston! 


  1. Proud December 31, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Yeah, we should all be proud of ourselves. Always nice to wake up to vandalized property, urine flowing in the streets and vomit on your front stairs.

  2. Dennis January 8, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    I’m starting to get the feeling that the biggest drunks in Southie are the writers at your website.  Do you people think about anything else?  You may have a real problem and need a bit of help..  Maybe not a bad thing to be a drunk, but definately worth a checkup.. or a check in..

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