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Written by Heather Foley

We made it to the homestretch of the holiday season!  If you’re anything like me you’re going to be running around like a maniac for the next two weeks grabbing last minute gifts and swinging by holiday open houses, and you’re really overwhelmed about what to buy and bring.  Obviously you’re going to bring a bottle of wine to every stop on your own personal Polar Express, but what wine?  I usually shop by label, as in “this label is purdy”, but it’s like playing Russian roulette.  It’s one thing to open a sucky bottle of wine when you’re alone on the coach, but you don’t want to bring crap wine to a party.  Luckily for you we have friends at Social Wines who recommended a few bottles for us, and we recommend who you should give them to.

New Southie Mom  You see them on Broadway pushing their Stokke strollers, at the library’s story time with their Kate Spade diaper bags, and at yoga in their Adidas by Stella McCartney leggings (Lululemon is for peasants) but what kind of wine do you bring her?  Much like with people, it’s what on the outside that counts.  As long as the bottle looks expensive you’re good.  Try Malibran Prosecco, it’s delicious, it has bubbles, and it’s so exclusive that Social Wines is the only store in the U.S. that carries it.

The Southie Ex-Pat  They sold before the Southie real estate market went HAM and they’re not too happy about it.  They left Southie for the simple life (and ample parking) of the burbs yet they’re on the Southie Facebook pages yapping about everything wrong with Southie.  For the disgruntled Southie Ex-Pat we recommend something made with sour grapes and pairs well with salty tears.

The Southie Fitness Junkie  Mondays at Barre Beat, Tuesdays at Eastside Yoga, Wednesdays at Lifted Fitness, Thursdays at The Handle Bar, Fridays at Radiant Yoga, and of course a weekly run with the L St. Running Club, if anyone needs to chill out and have a drink it’s the Southie Fitness Junkie.  Penada Ensaio Vinho Bianco is bright and crisp, sustainably farmed, and just a little sweet to make up for skipping all those desserts.

The Southie Old Timer  Maybe a little gruff on the outside, but a big softy at heart who would do anything for their friends and neighbors…as long as said neighbor isn’t an a-hole.  For the Southie Old Timer we like Gran Sasso Montepulciano, a full bodied red with dark, rich fruit and balanced acidity.  It’s all about balance!

The Southie Bro  Hey bros drink wine too!  While we would never recommend Boones Farm (we won’t not recommend it) we’re also not going to suggest anything for a too refined a palate.  La Forge Cabernet Sauvignon is big, full bodied, in your face fruit and very reasonably priced, dude.

A 35 Year Old Caught In Southie Writer Who Spends Her Nights Alone On The Couch Watching Datelines About Newlyweds Who Kill Each Other So She Feels Better About Leaning Into Spinsterhood  Anything really, I’m not picky but Un Litro is the perfect bathrobe wine.

Wines recommended by Social Wines but all opinions expressed, especially those about people who don’t live in Southie and complain on community boards, are mine and mine alone.  Seriously, I described wines (not people) to the good folks at Social Wines and they gave me wines that matched.  If you are overly sensitive about any of the descriptions of people I suggest you take a chill pill with your next glass of wine.  Happy Holidays! 

Social Wines – 52 West Broadway http://socialwinesbos.com