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It Girl – By Ruth Ware – Release Date: July 12, 2022

Ruth Ware’s one of those authors who as soon as I see she has a book coming out – I immediately add it to my wishlist to grab ASAP. She wrote the best sellers, The Woman in Cabin 10, One by One and The Lying Game. She’s had some hits, as well as some misses – but when I saw the premise for It Girl, I knew I had to grab it. Did you ever have a friend that sucks you hard into their orbit? Their personality, their beauty, their energy just surrounds you and you’re swept away.

People gravitate to them when you’re out, and you’re happy to play second fiddle just being part of the group. You admire and obsess over everything about them… but it doesn’t last forever, because at some point – you may wish they trip and knock out their front tooth so you know they’re human? Too much? But really, we all know an It Girl.

This thriller includes dual timelines – After: one with the main character, Hannah, waiting for the arrival of her baby with her husband, Will – and Before: when they were part of a larger friend group at Oxford. Hannah came to school, timid and waiting for her mom to quickly drop her off in front of housing – only to find herself rooming with the vibrant April Clarke-Clivedon. The duo quickly grows to include more friends, including: Will (originally April’s boyfriend!), Hugh, Ryan, Emily and more. Every character plays a role in the group and will have you remembering the friendships you built in Warren Towers and over a beer at T’s Pub.

But what happens when there’s a murder. One of you is the victim and one of you solved the crime. What if ten years later, you’re not sure if you helped put away the right person. What if you’re looking over your shoulder and re-thinking everything? What do you do when the It Girl isn’t there as the glue that kept your group bonded together?If you’re looking for a slow burn thriller that you can’t put down while you long for the memories of your college years, grab this one!

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  1. Chris Martens July 1, 2022 at 10:31 am - Reply

    Looking forward to reading this one! Love Ruth Ware too. Hope I enjoy the book as much as I just enjoyed reading your review. Thx Josie

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