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No, not that CIA – the Castle Island Association!  Roy Rider is a proud card carrying member of the CIA (Castle Island Association) and they are recruiting some new blood.

The Castle Island Association is a historical committee whose purpose is to preserve the rich history of Castle Island. Roy Rider is a docent who leads tours of Castle Island and Fort Independence. Tours are lead on Saturdays and Sunday from Memorial Day weekend through October. The CIA is funded by donations and memberships.  For the price of just $8, you can be a member of the CIA and support the preservation of history.  To become a member go to: www.bostonfortindependence.com and download the application.

Interesting facts

  • Each season over 30,000 to 40,000 visitors come to Castle Island.  One season they had 37 countries represented in their visitors
  • The current Fort Independence is the eighth fortification on the site, commissioned in 1851.  It is constructed of 32.7 miles of hand hammered granite barged down from Cape Ann.  The walls are 5 1/2′ to 6′ thick
  • Castle Island is the oldest continuously fortified site in British North America having had a military presence from Colonial Days thru the Korean War.  The first fortification was constructed in 1634.  The island was not permanently ninth connected to the mainland until 1932
  • During the Revolutionary War Castle Island was British Army Headquarters during the siege of Boston.  The British Army fort was called, Castle William.  The only time in history that guns have been fired in anger in Boston Harbor was when General George Washington’s troops exchanged fire with the fort from their gun battery on P Street, between Second and Third Street.
  • The island was also home to one of the first maritime hospitals, which evolved into the United States Public Health Service.


Roy comes from a long line of South Bostonians.  He was born here moved away in 5th grade, lived his life but couldn’t help but settle down here after retirement. “We love living here.  I love being near the water and I love the people”.  He lives on P Street with lovely wife.  They have two grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Roy’s love of life is infectious.  In his 68 years, he has done many things that people would only dream about doing.  His primary career was in sales and public relations. He was in the Army. He owned a ski shop. He was a builder of boats and sailed all over the world.  And now, he educates the masses in his entertaining way sharing amazing pieces of historical facts and trivia. 

On a side note

Roy was the winner of the Sullivan’s/Caught in Southie VIP package.  No line waiting for Roy!