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October 2013

Modern Family

Photography by Flo Homes


It’s easy to imagine Christin Linehan Armour handling any situation – no matter how stressful – with the same sense of calmness she approaches the rest of her life.  She takes it all in stride.  As a busy mother of three boys (Ronan 7, Cormac 6, Colin 2), the owner of a small business – C. Armour Events, and the campaign coordinator for her father, City Councilor Bill Linehan, she is used to shifting gears, wearing many hats and making it look easy. 





The scoop on Christin:

  • Born and raised in Southie
  • Married to Tommy Armour (from Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  • Met her husband while working together at Molly Darcy’s Pub now The Playwright
  • Oldest of four children:  Sean and Brendan (twins) and Brooke
  • Daughter of Bill & Judy Linehan   
  • She is one of 21 grandchildren
  • Attended Gate of Heaven K-8, Fontbonne Academy & UMASS Boston
  • Played Division III basketball at UMass for two years
  • She volunteers for the Perry School PTA – The Perry PTA is planning its 2nd Annual Fall Festival on October 19th from 1-4pm in the Perry schoolyard.
  • Still best friends with her childhood friends from Southie. I have had the same group friends (Southie Shout out to Colleen, June, Jill, Dawn & Jacqui) for most of my life, many beginning as early as kindergarten.  These amazing women have contributed to too many memories to count, many of which are too embarrassing to share!  What is great is that all of our children are making the same childhood memories together that we did.  They are the best of friends (13 kids between us)!
  • Likes to unwind by cooking (preferably with a glass of wine in hand) and Karaoke (definitely with a glass of wine in hand.)

The many hats of Christin

Hat #1 – Family:
Having three busy boys under the age of seven can be exhausting.  From school drop-offs to picks-ups, to sports, to volunteering at school, to homework, the day to day duties of being a mom can be a challenge. Also a challenge – raising a family in the city. “I grew up in the city and love it, I had a great childhood.  Although things have changed, I can’t imagine raising my boys anywhere else.”  Christin faces the same challenges that all young families have with school being the top of the list. Her two older boys attend The Perry School and her youngest attends St. Peter Academy.  “Wouldn’t it be great if we could send our kids to the closest public school with all their friends from the neighborhood, then after elementary and middle school they’d move on to high school together?”  

Favorite part of raising a family in Southie? I love walking to the beach & the playground with my boys. I come from a huge family and love having the support system, many of my friends have moved out of SB but we still see each other regularly & they love coming back.

Best advice to busy moms:
Don’t be afraid to say NO.  I’m just starting to take my own advice. I’m not needed at every event and I have to remind myself of that.  Give up control, delegate (I can hear my dad say, “Delegate, delegate, delegate”). Try to stay organized (I hear by husband laughing, I’m not the most organized person at home) I have recently made a binder for each child w/school info, sports, ccd, and other activities.  It helps that husband is helpful with the kids and around the house.  He cooks dinner too.

Hat #2 – Small business owner
Having a background in the restaurant industry and after planning numerous small events and parities for friends and family, Christin began C. Armour Events (www.CArmourEvents.com) eight years ago. Planning weddings is a favorite event to plan for Christin. “I love doing weddings. I’ve coordinated weddings ranging from 50 guests to over 300.  Some being held on my client’s property while others at various venues throughout New England.” Christin also has organized numerous non-profit events from smaller community events like block parties and beach bashes to black tie galas.  Holiday parties are also a specialty of hers.

Hat #3 – Campaign coordinator for the Bill Linehan campaign
Being a campaign coordinator is not an easy job.  Being a campaign coordinator of your father’s re-election is an entirely different undertaking.  When asked what’s the most challenging part of her role, Christin smiles and says, “Having him accept that I am the boss!” She added, “Truthfully, what I find most challenging is separating the two when he gets criticized in the media. Quite often he is extremely misrepresented and it can be tough to take.” 

With less than 5 weeks left to the election, Christin’s job entails managing Bill’s campaign calendar, scheduling and planning events – like the successful Ladies Night at Empire, media relations social media and identifying Linehan voters.  “It’s a very busy job,” Christin says. 


Favorite thing about living in Southie?
Although Southie has changed over the years, the main piece of who we are still remains. We look out for one another, we support important causes and we help families in need.  There is a large number of community events and fundraising and never a shortage of people who support these causes.   Plus I have my siblings, parents; family and my best friend all living here in Southie, can’t beat that!

Favorite restaurant?
With the husband – Franklin Southie, we always went to The Franklin in the South End and now we don’t have to leave Southie! With the kiddies – Lincoln, surprising to some, but they have big booths and they give the boys Lincoln Logs to play with! Also, Local 149 too.  The kids love the chalk tables! Drinks and snacks – Shenannigans

Favorite spot in Southie?
The Lagoon, aka Pleasure Bay! My husband kite boards there and the kids and I love heading down and watching them fly around!  Plus, it’s so family friendly, you don’t even have to plan to meet there, your kids will find friends there any summer day of the week.

Why should people vote for your dad?
In a time of such change for our city, we need to have leadership.  He has worked in city government for twenty years in varying capacities, and has served on the city council for six years.  He does this job because he wants to make the city a better place.  His children all live in the district, his grandkids go to the Boston Public Schools, so many issues are personal to him.  He has always lived in this district, he supports the local businesses, non-profits, community centers and schools.  He is invested in the neighborhoods and families, and he loves what he does and that’s important. 

Christin Linehan Armour is the perfect example of a modern South Boston woman.  She is a loving and dedicated mother, full of energy and passion for her work and she is as loyal as they come.  She loves her family and she is proud to call South Boston her hometown. 

For more information on how Christin can help you with an upcoming event, or a coordinate for your wedding or holiday party, you can reach Christin at [email protected] or call 617-640-7360