Welcome to Caught Somewhere Else, a soon-to-be regular feature where we share a favorite destination that’s not in one of the neighborhoods we cover (well, not yet, anyway).  First up, we’re heading to Lynn, MA, for fan favorite Ravenstone Gifts.

I was made aware of Ravenstone Gifts the old-fashioned way, Instagram.  A sponsored post popped up in my feed, and I can say is a well-played algorithm, well played.  Honestly, most of the sponsored posts in my feed are WAY off the mark, but a stopped clock is right twice a day!  Ravenstone’s Instagram profile reads “jewelry, crystals, books, apothecary, antiques, gifts, everyday magic,” and that Venn diagram is the circle on top of a circle on top of a circle that is Heather Foley.

Walking through the doors of Ravenstone Gifts for the first time is truly magical, if not a little overwhelming.  The first floor contains multiple crystal displays containing more crystals than I’ve seen in one place.  Palm stones (my go-to), free forms, tumbled stones, towers, spheres, pyramids, and various carvings; basically, any crystal you could ever want in any shape you could ever dream up.  You may have to do a few laps just to get a handle on all the crystals.

After you’ve digested the crystals, you may notice candles, prints, an apothecary nook, and a jewelry wall.  I am a MASSIVE fan of owner Kathleen Gendron’s handmade earrings.  I own and regularly wear her gold daggers, wishbones, and Big F’ing Bee earrings (Bey Hive represent), and I swear I get loads of compliments every single time I wear them.  I know it’s a little early for holiday shopping (any time before December 20th is early for me), but if someone in your life loves earrings, a pair from Ravenstone is the perfect gift.  Aside from looking cool as hell, they’re lightweight, nickel-free, tarnish-resistant, and priced just right.

The second floor of Ravenstone Gifts is home to their event space (more on that in a bit) and bookshop.  In the book section, you find everything from popular bestsellers to more obscure spirituality and metaphysical titles, tarot cards to recipe cards, notebooks to spell books, and of course, gorgeous stationery.  Independent bookstores are getting fewer and further between. Support one this week!

Okay, for the event space, Ravenstone has started hosting events, and they are downright delightful if I do say so myself.  CIS HBIC Maureen and I recently went to a sip and shop (and Oracle card reading) and were treated to apple cider mimosas and apple cider donuts. That’s how you do fall, people!  Other recent and upcoming events include craft classes, oracle and tarot card readings, more sip and shops, pop-ups, and breathwork and energy healing workshops.  Check out their events page!

Now For My Picks

Does anyone care what I recommend?  Probably not, but here are my picks from Ravenstone Gifts anyway…

The Big F’ing Bee Earrings $44

These are absolute showstoppers.

Orca Agate “Caroline” $64

I’ve talked about my love of Orca Agate before (HERE and HERE, for instance), and Ravenstone has some absolutely gorgeous pieces.

Little Selenite Bowl $18

Selenite is an energy cleanser and this bowl is perfect for holding your little tumbled stones and jewelry.

The Beginners Guide To Crystals $14.99

You gotta start somewhere!

Okay, I had to stop myself here because I wanted to recommend like 97% of the shop.  You can’t go wrong with anything at Ravenstone, owners Eric and Kathleen have curated a perfect collection.  I (obviously) recommend stopping by their brick-and-mortar, but if you can’t make it, you can always shop online!  

Where should we head next?  We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. mplo October 30, 2023 at 5:44 pm - Reply

    Those are some cool gifts here! I especially like the bumblebee earrings!

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