Love him or hate, there’s no denying Jax Taylor is a reality television icon, and last night, he was Caught In Southie!

Jax first graced our TV screens on Vanderpump Rules, a show following the servers at Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR…which stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant… I kid you not.  What started as a social experiment on the effects of Adderall and narcissism on parasocial relationships aged into a ratings juggernaut that forever changed the reality TV landscape.  Quite impressive when you consider we all had to be tricked into watching the first episode!

Jax terrorized the streets of WEHO and our screens for eight glorious years before he was fired for overall garbage human behavior.  It’s a tough tightrope to walk, toxic enough to be entertaining for reality TV without committing any truly heinous acts, and Jax fell on the wrong side of that tightrope.  Remember when there was an audio recording of him cheating on his now estranged wife Brittney, and she threw it on the aux at a drunken party?  The Golden Age of Television, indeed!

This season Bravo gave Jax a second chance with his new show The Valley because he had shown so much growth in the years since he’s been fired.  Just kidding.  Bravo is working with him again because they’re trying to squeeze every nickel they can out of Scandoval.  And hunny, those of us who love mess are EATING with The Valley, so well played Bravo, well played.  Seriously, I almost hate how good this show is.

Back to Jax Taylor (real name Jason Cauchi) in our fair city.  An avid hockey fan who once spent an entire season lying about being offered a non-existent job offer from an NHL team that did not know he existed, Jax/Jason caught the Bruins game Tuesday night, and he had a few thoughts on the officiating.  And if there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about bad calls, it’s the guy who regularly got tattoos of women who broke up with him on national TV.

While in Boston, Jax is staying in the lap of luxury at Encore Resort and Casino.  Have you been there recently?  It’s absolutely gorgeous and legit has some of the best restaurants in town.  Oh!  And if anyone from Encore is reading this, I suggest locking up all the sunglasses in the gift shop.

Last night, Jax hit up Loco Taqueria for their monthly Bravo night with the ever-delightful The Bottoms, where he got to experience a phenomenon I’m quite familiar with being the oldest person at a bar in Southie.  Now let me tell you, Jax gave us Bravo fans EVERYTHING.  This man was engineered in a lab for reality television, and you will never convince me otherwise.  He effortlessly mixed and mingled all night, dishing gossip fit for public consumption at the official Q&A and juicer tidbits privately at each table.  And sorry, I cannot divulge what he told me because that would violate the reality star/reality watcher relationship.  All in all, Jax played his role perfectly; everyone walked away with a genuine interaction, and what more could you want?  Oh wait, we all got amazing “number one guy in the group” hats…so swag and a genuine interaction with Jax, what more could you want?

If you are even the most casual of Bravo fans, you owe it to yourself to check out Loco for one of their Bravo nights.  It was such a fun night, a packed house of fellow Bravo watchers who just wanted to eat, drink, and be merry.  It was my first time hitting up one of Loco’s Bravo events, mostly because I’m old, and I turn to dust and float away like The Avengers if I stay out past 8 pm, but I’m hooked!  And though I am not allowed to yet name names, you’re going to want to follow Loco on Instagram because the Bravolebrity they will announce for June is huge—a true queen, icon, legend.

So see you at Loco next month, feel free to say hi and chat all things Bravo Cinematic Universe!

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