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Where did you grow up? On M Street

Where did you go to school? Gatey, Snowden High

Where do you live now?Nashville, TN with my wife Connie

What do you do for work?I am mechanical Engineer for The John E. Green Co. in Nashville.

What keeps you coming back to Southie?My family and friends… and lots of weddings!!

What do you miss most about living in Southie?The ocean and seagulls!

What did you like most about growing up in Southie? My family.  Southie will always be a part of you no matter where you go.

One more thing:

My wife loves visiting South Boston with me.  She loves the people and hanging out in Southie. One of the first times Connie came to South Boston, we were out Castle Island and an Aer Lingus plane was landing and  she said,  “Oh come on!  You even paint shamrocks on the airplanes up here.”  My family will never let her forget that statement.