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Oh, it was a big week for Southie and two legendary game shows this week.  First, Southie native Tommy Nee appeared on the Price is Right and gave one of the most sincere and enthusiastic shoutouts to the good people of his hometown which spinning the wheel. You can check out the video here! 

On Friday night’s Jeopardy, the following question was asked:

Since 1901, Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been held in this directional + historically Irish part of town.

Answer – South Boston

Contestant Marie got the answer correct! You can check out the episode here! 

But South Boston has been no stranger to other game shows of the past – my aunt Karen Coughlin appeared on Candlepins for Cash with Bob Gamere back in the early 1980s.

And we can’t forget when Southie’s own Matthew Mullen won the showcase on the Price is Right about 20 years ago!

South Boston and game shows go hand in hand.



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