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It’s been a decade since Regan’s Motivated Fitness (RMF), founded by Southie resident Tom Regan, opened on West Broadway. Now, they’re celebrating ten years of fitness in the community, and 20 years working with high school athletes through “Ripped by Regan.” On January 5, 2019, RMF is having a party at Capo’s Supper Club—and it’s open to the public, with tickets available for pre-order or at the door.

The event promises to be a reunion of sorts: everyone who’s been impacted by the Regans, from the latest batch of 13 year olds to the oldest gym members and family friends. “Ripped by Regan,” which Tom started in 1998 to help his oldest son Sean in his hockey career, quickly turned into a popular youth sports and conditioning program that has seen hundreds of kids and generations of athletes—the oldest of whom are now about to turn 40.

RMF has been an extension of that work, opening up the same kind of fitness focus for the larger community. Tom’s energetic, colorful personality has become a part of the appeal and unique character of the facility. If you’ve never met him, he’s all over social media with various fitness tips and tactics.

Thus far, over 3,500 people have joined RMF, which bills itself as “the neighborhood gym.” “We’re the gym with a face,” explains Tom’s son and business partner, Thomas Regan. “We never did commercials or ad space—it’s all almost entirely word of mouth. My father and I are there 90 percent of the time, and even new people see the unique, friendly personality of the place.”

“You’ll see us when you come to the gym, but almost more importantly you’ll see us around town when you’re not coming to the gym. We won’t heckle you (too much) but the mere sight of us usually drives inspiration to people to get back to the gym. It’s added incentive!”

RMF opened in 2007 and got its first client in 2008. The storefront is small and seemingly unassuming, but the space inside is huge. “We go all the way back to Silver Street, just like Capo!“ laughs Thomas. Beyond an expansive gym space, the classes offered include yoga, spin, boxing, and bootcamps, which most people don’t know about.

“It’s also cheaper than you might get at another facility—you’re paying half what you might elsewhere, and getting as good of a workout,” says Thomas.

Tom had always wanted to start his own business. For 25 years, he worked at the iconic Cheers restaurant in Beacon Hill, but he started training himself on the side, getting certificates as a spin instructor, corrective exercise specialist, trainer, and more. He’s done it all: he’s a black belt in karate, he’s completed an Ironman, and he cycled from L.A. to Boston in 30 days.  

After Thomas graduated in 2012, he joined his dad and has been a part of RMF ever since. They’re not going anywhere, but they do have plans to expand and market their services beyond what they already provide.

“Since the beginning we’ve believed that physical and mental wellness go hand in hand,” says Thomas. “We’ve tried to create a space at RMF that can be an escape from whatever else is going on in your life. ‘Positive motion creates positive emotion’ is one of the many Tom-isms that we fall back on continuously. Whether you’ve been in a rut for months or you’re having a bad day, Motivated Fitness can start the change in direction to positivity.”  

Young, old, life-time resident or newbie: there’ll be something for everyone at RMF. The gym is closed on Christmas day but open otherwise—so you can head there either before or after your holiday feasting. The Regans will be there, like always.

Interested in joining RMF for their 10-year party? Get tickets here.

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