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A guide to ice cream in South Boston by Terri Ogan

Although summer may be winding down, the temperatures are still hot.  What better way to cool off after a long day at the beach than with some refreshing ice cream? Below are Caught in Southie’s top seven picks for ice cream and frozen yogurt treats in South Boston (or close enough.)

Ice Creamsmith

Banana, mocha, frozen pudding, oh my!  This little ice cream shop offers old-fashioned ice cream with bountiful taste.  All flavors are homemade right on the Ice Creamsmith premises with seasonal flavors available as well.  As of July 31, 2011, the special flavors include fudge brownie, orange pineapple and peach.  If none of those tickle your fancy, indulge in one of the regular flavors of banana, chocolate, chocolate chip, coffee, frozen pudding, maple walnut, mocha, sweet cream, strawberry, or good old-fashioned vanilla.  For those of you trying to watch your waistline and keep that bikini body, low-fat frozen yogurt and fruit sorbet is available as well.  If you’re trying to exercise your inventive flare, create your own flavor by adding a choice of mixings like M&M’s, chocolate chips, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, nuts, Oreos, Raisinets, walnuts, Skittles, Andes Mints, coconut, Nestle Crunch, heath bar, white chocolate chips, or even blend it up with a frappe, ice cream soda or banana split!  You can sauce your serving of fro-yo or ice cream with a ladleful of strawberry, pineapple, marshmallow, caramel, peanut butter, or hot fudge sauce too.  The Ice Creamsmith is moderately priced and located in Dorchester Lower Mills.  2295 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester Mills, MA., 617-296-8567.

Sullivan’s, Castle Island

Whether you want to revisit your days at summer camp with Hoodsie Cups and Orange Cream Bars, or go for the ultimate vanilla and chocolate frozen yogurt twist, Sully’s has it all.  Established in 1951, this old-time Southie favorite also has a variety of italian ice flavors, as well as their
Island Oasis smoothies, which come in strawberry, mango, wild berry and pina colada.  If your dessert pallette is telling you to ditch the diet and head straight for the rich and creamy ice cream, Sully’s has a (cheap!) variety of Hood Ice Cream flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry, maple walnut, chocolate chip, rainbow sherbet and mint chocolate chip.  Scoop it in a cup or lick it in a cone, your tummies will walk away happy. 2080 Day Boulevard, 617-268-5685.

Cafe Arpeggio

Yes, we included this West Broadway cafe and bistro in our top seven places to get coffee in Southie, but low and behold, Cafe Arpeggio serves up some of the most indulgent ice creams around!  With their 103 flavors of homemade deliciousness, the possibilities are endless, and the decision time might take a few extra minutes.  If you’re a peanut butter fiend, then the Elephant Memory sundae is the way to go. This mouthwatering sundae consists of peanut butter hot fudge drizzled over two scoops of ice cream,  chopped Hydrox cookies (similar to Oreos), chopped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and of course, whipped cream and nuts.  If you’re looking for something a little more simple, but with the same amount of flavor-blasting taste, some great options are white chocolate almond, coffee crunch, butter walnut, apple pie, ginger snap, mint triple chip, mudd pie, heath bar, or raspberry chocolate, to name a few.  All ice cream flavors are handmade with the best ingredients at the Fall River location every Wednesday.  Moderately priced and made with the finest ingredients, Cafe Arpeggio’s special flavors can also be made-to-order for special events. 398 West Broadway Street 617-269-8822.

Sugar Bowl

Brigham’s is known as Boston’s favorite ice cream for over 90 years, this Dorchester ice cream parlor serves it just the way you like it!  Whether it’s in a cup or a cone, any one of the Sugar Bowl’s multiple flavors of ice cream and smoothies to boot will surely brighten your summer day, or night.  If you’re looking for something with an extra kick, try one of the Sugar Bowl’s famous sundaes, banana splits, chocolate chip brownie sundaes, or an original frappe (extra thick please!)  This eclectic, homey and cozy parlor, with a very friendly staff, has comfy vintage chairs for you to enjoy your ice cream treats in and has been a neighborhood favorite for the past few years.  The smorgasbord of customers creates a strong sense of community and the Brigham’s old fashioned hot butterscotch topping will keep you coming back for more.  857 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester, MA., 617-265-9000.

The Boathouse

Whether you’re trying to cool off on a scorching summer day, or you’re aching to satisfy that sweet tooth after a Saturday night dinner, the L Street Boathouse is a great neighborhood spot to do both.  The vanilla soft serve topped with their famous crushed candy topping is the cat’s pajamas, having Southie residents and visitors alike constantly coming back for more.  If your palette is looking for more flavor blast than simple vanilla, the Boathouse offers more than 20 soft serve flavors, and their famous dish, the “Storm.”  Take your pick of soft serve ice cream, your favorite candy (or candies) for a blended dream come true.  The options are almost endless at the Boathouse: cone it, cup it, or blend it.  Either way, your stomach and wallet will go home happy with these moderately-priced ice cream treats. L Street & East 4th Street Boston.

The Fro-Yo Mix & Match

Imagine this: All of your favorite candies and treats, blended together with vanilla, chocolate, plain or sugar free frozen yogurt, to make the perfect confectionary treat.  If that’s what you’re looking for, then Amsterdam Cafe and Broadway’s Best are the places for you.  You can choose from an abundant of toppings, including banana, blueberry, Butterfinger, brownie, cheesecake, peppermint, honey graham, Kit-Kat and even pumpkin, pick a frozen yogurt flavor, and have it all mixed together for the ultimate frozen-dessert dream come true.  Some local favorites suggested by the Amsterdam Cafe staff are vanilla yogurt blended with raspberry or strawberry, cheesecake and honey graham.  And for all of you chocolate and peanut butter lovers,  try the chocolate yogurt mixed with peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie, or brownie and let your taste buds go wild.  For an additional 50 cents you can have your fro-yo treat on the cone.  Both cafes also offer shakes and smoothies! And they both deliver.  Amsterdam Cafe: 483 East Broadway Street, 617-464-6488, Broadway’s Best: 321 West Broadway Street, 617-268-1228.