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Patti Morin, founder of the nonprofit Project Ellie, and Michelle Harrington have combined forces. They did so when they realized they shared a similar vision. Both have caring for the least of our brothers in mind.

Patti started Project Ellie in 2014, a few years after her youngest daughter, Ellie, passed. Project Ellie evolved organically; its beginnings arose from her family’s pain. Now Project Ellie helps schools organize sock drive and brings students into the city to distribute needed items to homeless folks. They also help facilitate gift card drives, either individual or for businesses, and bring groups from these businesses into the city to distribute items as well.

Michelle’s actions arose out of pain as well. After her sister passed five years ago, she wanted to do something to honor her memory and began to collect gift cards and other items to bring to Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Boston’s homeless shelter for teens.

When Patti and Michelle realized they shared the same vision, they decided to team up and see if they could do more. Both want others to realize the value in helping those in our society who have the least: the homeless. They have big plans for more involvement from schools, from businesses and from the community!

Come join forces with us for our second annual all levels yoga celebration on April 7th.