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Who says dreams don’t come true?  Shake Shack is coming to Southie!

Originally slated to open in 2017, the Seaport Shake Shack (say that three times fast) is opening Tuesday, August 16th, and this little piggy is PUMPED.  If you’re not familiar with Shake Shack let me give you a little primer.  Crinkle cut fries (with the option of cheese sauce), antibiotic free Angus beef burgers, Vienna beef hotdogs, 100% natural, cage-free chicken, and concretes and custards (think frappes and soft-serve), and hopefully a beer and wine license in the not so distant future.

And if the grand opening of a Shake Shack isn’t enough (trust me, it’s enough), Shake Shack is celebrating by giving away free burgers!  See, in addition to being the first Southie Shake Shack, it’s also the 100th Shake Shack to open!  The Seaport Shake Shack, will open its doors at 10:30am on Tuesday and gift us with free burgers till noon, and yeah all the other Shake Shacks are doing the same but who cares.

Shake Shack started as a hotdog cart in Madison Square Park has grown to be a leader in the casual food industry as well as the fight for fair wages.  So yeah maybe you’re eating a burger and fries, but at least you can feel good about the ingredients and business practices, and that’s something, right?  Seriously, I’ll use anything to justify eating a SmokeShack, she wrote with Shake Shack cheese sauce dribbling down her chin.

Make sure you tag us in some pics if you hit the grand opening, we’re dying to see it!  Oh and if any Shake Shack peeps are reading this, is there some sort of VIP card, or ambassador program that pays in burgers?  Not asking for a friend.
The Seaport Shake Shack is located at 77 Seaport Boulevard in Seaport Square…and if you’re drinking every time you read “Seaport” or “Shake Shack” you have alcohol poisoning and I’m sorry.


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