If you have Celiac Disease or you avoid gluten by choice, you know that navigating menus can be overwhelming. While a lot of places can modify dishes (or slap a “GF” next to a garden salad), there are some spots that specifically go out of their way to bring in gluten-free alternatives. This is a guide to some of the best gluten-free spots right here in Southie.

For a Full Menu

Capo: We have to start with the biggest gluten-free menu, which is at Capo. Every Tuesday, the kitchen goes entirely gluten-free, which means all pasta, bread, and desserts – you name it – are all gluten-free. With almost the entire menu gluten-free, this is definitely a dream spot if you have an allergy or intolerance.

ShyBird: If you are gluten-free, you know that rotisserie chicken can be a sneaky gluten dish, but ShyBird on Old Colony Ave has mastered the gluten-free bird. They serve full and half birds as well as a plethora of small plate options that are gluten-free. They even outline which have cross-contamination.

For Pasta:

For Pizza:

Bardo’s at Castle Island Brewing


For Breakfast:

Annie’s Bakery

Deja Brew

Olga’s Kafe

My Diner

On the Go:

Pizzeria 260


The Dirty Italian: gluten free sub rolls

Sullivan’s: gluten free buns


LULU Green

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