Local pols and special guests gathered in the festively decorated Ironworkers union hall on Sunday morning for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast. This event had it all. Pots of shamrocks, a luxurious breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage, live Irish music, lots of singing, and plenty of jokes.  Caught in Southie was lucky enough to be a part of it all – by providing behind the scene footage and interviews. And BNN was broadcasting the event live.

Senator Nick Collins (lifelong Southie resident) was the host of the event and did an incredible job from the beginning (marching in, weaving through a packed house singing “If you’re Irish, come into the parlor.”) to the end (a group sing-along of the Irish classic, “Dirty Old Town.”) Collins navigated the head table through introductions, jokes, singing, jabs, and self-deprecation.  He kept the programming moving smoothly.

Seated at the head table included Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, Attorney General Andrea Campbell, Auditor Diana DiZoglio, Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden, Senate President Karen Spilka (sporting green streaks in her hair), State Rep. David Biele plus members of the Boston City Council including Ed Flynn, Michael Flaherty Frank Baker, Erin Murphy, and Ruthzee Louijeune.  In addition, were special guests like Coleman Nee – Chief Marshal of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Here are some takeaways

The crowd was ready to have fun

Decked out in green, Irish knits and scally caps, the audience got what they were looking for – a festive morning to kick off parade day. They laughed, sang along, clapped, cheered, and enjoyed their breakfast. A good time was had by all!

The Women were Strong

When it came to joke-telling, ball-busting and even performing, the women of the head table brought their A-Game.  Gov. Maura Healey opened with a hilarious rendition of the Logan Airport Recording: Welcome to Boston – where no matter what the season, there’s always construction going on.  Welcome to Boston, do you want to run the T.  She also questioned what the Lt. Governor actually does which prompted Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll to join the governor at the mic and questioned what the gov. actually does.  “I went to They put up a “swear jar” on the head table for every time someone makes a joke about basketball or the MBTA.  There were lots of $1 in it by the end of the event.

Senator Elizabeth Warren referred to former Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh’s departure – “He’s getting the puck out of Washington,” said Warren.

Mayor Michelle Wu joked about the North End restaurants suing her. “After they served me I said, I thought I ordered the Veal Milanese.  You did but we’re giving you the vaffanculo!”

MA State Senate President Karen Spilka jokes that she doesn’t follow the Royals but they gave the Senate a great idea – “no term limits for Senate president,” referring to her chamber’s vote to extend her tenure indefinitely.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley made jokes about basketball, Charlie Baker and Marty Walsh, but was also sentimental about strong Irish women -” May we know them. May we be them and may we raise them.”

Attorney General Andrew Campell had the gloves off when it came to joke telling and was not holding any punches – some directed at Mayor Wu who did not endorse her for her political race but endorsed her opponent. “If you know one thing about Michelle, she likes free things. Between the free T rides and rent control grants, she really is concerned about the cost of things,” joked Campbell “That’s why we’re so so confused why she endorsed a billionaire self-funded candidate for AG. I’m still trying to figure that out.”

State Auditor Dianna DiZoglio put her musical chops on display by belting out a duet with none other than City Councilor Frank Baker that ended with the Katrina and Waves song, “Walking on Sunshine.” Zigolio recently announced an audit of the Legislature. It’s a “closed-door operation,” she said operating in the shadows.  “The people want sunshine,” she sang. 

Songs Parodies

Speaking of songs. Parody songs sung by Senator Nick Collins included “On Broadway” where he addresses the City Council redistricting and Flynn and Bakers new districts. “They say voters Blue Hill Ave to Broadway, remember those who break the golden rule, ‘cuz now they seek the voters praise, whose voice they cut ‘n gave themselves a raise, they own both their idea, not Wu’s!” Also included in was also a shoutout to Mayor Wu for the full parade route this year.  “But that ain’t true, no hell no way, cuz thanks to her we’ll march all the way, by the Heights, thanks to the Queen of Broadway!” 
Surprise Alert – Collins has an impressive falsetto!

“Don’t drive the drive the home -cry bus lanes and bike lanes, don’t drive the drive home” was sung to the tune of Molly Malone and a statement on how rough it is driving in the city and Mayor Wu’s love of bike lines and bus lanes in the city.

Live Music

The Breakfast had the wildly popular Irish band Curragh’s Fancy and the addition of  Tom Baker and the Troublemakers added new energy to the event! Pauline Wells, deputy supt. of Cambridge Police, sang the Irish National Anthem beautifully and national recording artist Michelle Brooks Thompson knocked the National Anthem out of the park.

Brunt of the Jokes

Charlie Baker and Marty Walsh were the brunt of the jokes for taking private sector jobs – Baker is now the President of the NCAA and Walsh is the head of the NHL Players Union.  They were easy targets considering both were not in attendance.

More Standout Jokes

Congressman Lynch tells a risque joke about Brigid and Patrick, a young Irish couple that has sex in home depot.

Frank Baker says he’s been told he’s the “normal” one on the City Council by his constituents. “That’s like being the smartest kid in the dumbest class.”

Crowd favorite Norfolk Sherrif Mike Belotti had rapid-fire jokes inlcuding “Today’s weather with with sunny, high 30’s with a few flakes…just like the Boston City Council.” His own family were included in the jokes – he’s the youngest of 12 kids and son of Frank Belotti (former Attoney General)  – “My father is turning 100.  He’s got four kids in senior housing that he has to visit every weekend.”

Some behind the scenes interviews to bring you up to speed + Instagram jail

If you would like to check out our behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, visit our Instagram here!  Currently, we have ten videos from the breakfast in “Instagram jail” for “violating community guidelines.” We think we were posting too many Instagram lives and got shut off.  We are working hard to get the videos free (including interviews with Mayor Wu, Gov. Healey and Congresswoman Pressley plus a wrap up with Sen. Collins).  As soon as we have access to these videos, they will appear on our Instagram feed!  Look for our interview with legendary Boston comedian Steve Sweeney!

Did you miss the breakfast? Well, you can still watch it!

You can watch it here via BNN!

Thank You Very Much!

Thank you to the sponsors of this great neighborhood event! Without them, it wouldn’t be a thing! You can check them out here! 

The organization of the Breakfast was impressive watching it first-hand. The pro-team of  Dusty Rhodes and Conventures, Jimmy Callahan and Olivia Callahan from JCALPRO, Haley Dillon, Denise Higgins, Tommy Butler, Robert Ryan, Sean Pierce, Jennifer Jackson, David Wedge – plus all the amazing volunteers made the event run seamlessly!

Special thank you to my partner in crime and cameraman – Peter Gailunas


  1. Sam Dillon March 21, 2023 at 8:18 pm - Reply

    Does an interview with a Jake….”violates community standards.”

  2. Mary Smith March 22, 2024 at 1:25 pm - Reply

    Was the South Boston 2024 St Patrick’s Day breakfast in memory of Terrance Sweeney, Boston Police officer who lived in South Boston and passed away in January

    • Maureen Dahill March 23, 2024 at 10:32 am - Reply

      No, it was in memory of Pierce Norton – you can read about it here. https://caughtinsouthie.com/guide-to-the-st-patricks-day-breakfast/this-years-st-patricks-day-breakfast-is-in-memoriam-of-pierce-norton/

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